Volunteer Coordinator Resume With No Experience

Updated on: September 11, 2020

Knowing what a volunteer coordinator does is step one of writing a good resume. Basically, a volunteer coordinator coordinates the work of volunteers. It is as simple as that.

Specifically, he or she organizes, coordinates, and manages volunteer recruitment for the organization or facility.

Now that we know what the work is, let us concentrate on how to write a resume for a volunteer coordinator position at the entry-level.

Providing the right information regarding your knowledge of working with a social, civic, and local organization is important in the resume. Furthermore, your communication and leadership skills need to be highlighted.

A resume sample for a volunteer coordinator with no formal experience is provided below for your guidance:

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Sample Entry Level Volunteer Coordinator Resume With No Experience

Cora Jaxon
914 Malt Street, Durham, NC 13325
(000) 412-8702


Strategic-thinker – focused on adding value to work processes.

Extremely energetic Volunteer Coordinator with excellent leadership and mentoring qualities. High-performing individual boasting exceptional skills in organizing and coordinating volunteer recruitment for various facilities. Able to recommending and developing ongoing volunteer utilization. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management
Durham Business School, Durham, NC 

• Developed a web-based volunteer membership program as part of the final year project.
• Founded the school’s internal volunteer system, leading the administration to use it as part of their management system.

• Policy Making
• Department Liaison
• Opportunity Development
• Recruitment
• Rota Organization
• Volunteer Motivation
• Induction Processes
• Funds Management


Greg’s Facility, Durham, NC | 4/2019 – 8/2019

• Assisted in researching and writing volunteer policies
• Recruited and trained volunteers
• Organized profile-raising events in order to attract new employees
• Monitored and supported volunteer functions
• Wrote funding bids and raised funds to make projects sustainable
• Maintained volunteer records
• Produced schedules for everyday processes
• Assigned responsibilities according to volunteers’ strengths
• Disseminated information for upcoming events
• Created and maintained volunteer and auction records
• Assisted in training volunteers
• Created program reports by collecting and collating data
• Maintained volunteer information databases
• Educated volunteers on different processes and procedures

• Data Entry
• MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
• Internet and Email

• Rugby team coach and counselor
• Hospital volunteer at geriatric ward

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