Traffic Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 16, 2022

Traffic coordinators are typically employed by promotion and advertising agencies and publishing houses.

The chief function of this job is to track materials, and plan, and estimate the workflow of marketing and production materials.

A cover letter for a Traffic Coordinator Resume is like a salad dressing; it adds relish to an otherwise tiresome document, i.e., the resume.

Traffic Coordinator Cover letters are important because they provide a reader with an opportunity to read a candidate’s profile which could lead to an interview call.

A Traffic Coordinator cover letter has to be a perfect piece of writing.

Take a look at the sample below.

Traffic Coordinator Cover Letter Example

Rupert Murdock
902 High Street
Madison, WI 377772
(999) 999-9999

April 16, 2022

Mr. Jason Young
Hiring Manager
Accelerated Tech
66 River Road
Madison, WI 88892

Dear Mr. Young:

I’m writing in response to your advertisement for the position of Traffic Coordinator at Accelerated Tech. Having worked in a capacity that caters mostly to project traffic coordination, I am confident in my ability to work efficiently in this role and become a key member of your organization.

Understanding the challenges that a company like Accelerated Tech faces on a daily basis, I would like to offer my enthusiasm and acquired skills. My experience in managing timeliness and delivery of multiple projects with particular attention to deadlines and scheduling is enormous.

The following duties that I have been performing at my present place of work should be of interest to you:

– Assisting traffic managers in organizing the flow of projects and campaigns.
– Determining priorities where workflow processes and deadlines are concerned.
– Ensuring that all projects are complete and accurate before being forwarded to the client.
– Creating and maintaining traffic flow reports about production and accuracy.
– Filing traffic instructions for all projects.

Furthermore, I’ve strong communication skills, superb attention to detail, and exceptional problem-solving abilities. I am aware of the level of responsibility associated with this job and the need for diligence which I can provide and maintain. Please have a look at my resume for further details of my qualifications.

I hope you can see my potential as a traffic coordinator and will give me a call. I will follow up with you later in the week and look forward to meeting you in person.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Rupert Murdock

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