Purchasing Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 29, 2022

Making a special effort to create a cover letter that touches the hiring manager on all levels is of great importance.

Cover letters are never about candidates. They are about what a candidate brings to the table in terms of skills and accomplishments.

Once you know that your role in a cover letter is that of a person who “wants to contribute” rather than one who “needs a job”, you’ll be more comfortable writing it.

Recruiters are cruel when it comes to shredding your cover letter bit by bit, hoping to see a glimpse of just one thing that you have written in their favor.

So do yourself one and write your cover letter by focusing on the employer and not yourself.

Something akin to this:

Purchasing Clerk Cover Letter Sample

August 29, 2022

Mr. Jacob Hemingway
Hiring Manager
Enoch Corporation
12 Green Avenue
Crofton, KY 12036

Dear Mr. Hemingway:

I am excitedly applying for the position of purchasing clerk at Enoch Corporation, in which my combination of training and experience will add value to your operations. You will gain from my strong purchasing background, which includes a Bachelor of Business Administration, coupled with experience in buying.

In 2018, I began my career as an intern in the procurement department of Agro Works, and have since then enjoyed considerable success in ensuring that the purchasing end of the company is managed in a successful way. Now, I am providing my services to them as a purchasing clerk – with a difference.

Knowing fully well that a company’s system cannot be run efficiently if the supply chain is compromised, I have taken special measures to ensure that provision of supplies is never a problem. With my ability to create and process procurement/ purchase requests, verify incoming requests for supplies and expedite orders, I have been able to streamline the entire process so that it does not affect the front end in any way. In addition to this, my work prowess lies in my ability to effectively coordinate efforts with suppliers and vendors to ensure low-cost, high-quality purchasing solutions that are constant and consistent.

At this point in time, I look forward to working as a purchasing clerk at Enoch Corporation as I feel that the requirements which you have outlined match what I offer quite brilliantly. In hopes of further articulating my abilities and competencies in this role, I will contact you soon to see if there is an open slot on your calendar when we can meet in person. I am available at (000) 937-8521 if there is anything additional you’d like to know about me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sandra Culling