Career Advisor Resume Example (Job Description, Qualifications)

Updated on: January 3, 2021

A career advisor may work in an independent capacity, or with a school, college, or university, depending on his or her preference.

The work of a career advisor includes providing students/candidates with information on how their skills may align with a specific job opportunity, and help them develop job application documents.

Have a look at the following Career Advisor resume sample to get ideas:

Sample Resume for a Career Advisor Position

Brett Steward
52 Anti Road, Taos, NM 37483
(000) 999-9999


Qualified career advisor with over 8 years of experience in connecting candidates to occupational skills to ensure correct matches. Highly skilled in providing counseling services to candidates, aimed at helping them obtain jobs. Proven ability to assist candidates with job search strategies, personal career advisement, and training issues. Competent in identifying, and working with barriers to employment, and professional goal-setting.

✓ Brought 500 students onboard following a series of aggressive outreach programs and activities.
✓ Successfully placed 65 students in organizations that matched their credentials, within a period of 6 months.
✓ Implemented a series of strategic outreach activities, resulting in increased interest in offered career counseling.
✓ Independently developed a large number of resources for candidates to work with, in their quests to find suitable jobs.


Career Advisor
University of New Mexico, Taos, NM
• Engage students/candidates in conversation to determine their specific job placement requirements.
• Provide information regarding career or further education options to individual students, and groups.
• Identify skills gaps and determine ways to deal with them prior to applying for jobs.
• Assist candidates in drawing up action plans aimed at gaining employment or studying further.
• Provide advice on creating resumes and cover letters, and job hunting techniques.
• Assess the personal characteristics and interests of candidates, and provide appropriate advice regarding further action.
• Write career literature and action plans in a bid to assist candidates in developing clarity about their goals.
• Create and maintain effective liaison with external recruiters to provide candidates with referrals and job hunt assistance.

Career Adviser Assistant
New Mexico State University, Taos, NM 
• Provided support to counselors by performing intake interviews, and logging information.
• Assisted students in determining their education and career paths, in accordance with their abilities.
• Filled out registration forms, ensuring that all information was accurate and updated.
• Maintained effective liaison with recruiters to keep abreast of available job opportunities.
• Created and maintained records of candidates, ensuring that they were kept accurate, updated, and confidential.

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
New Mexico State University, Taos, NM

✓ Career Counseling
✓ Data Analysis
✓ Technical Training
✓ Groups Identification
✓ College Credits Advice
✓ Assessment
✓ Records Management
✓ Direct Student Support
✓ Resource Development
✓ Partner Relations
✓ Strategic Outreach
✓ Business Development

Career Advisor Qualifications

To work as a career advisor, you have to possess a degree in counseling, or a similar discipline. Apart from formal education, it is important for career advisers to be great communicators, as they need to be able to understand what candidates want and translate them into what they can do for them. Interviewing candidates, and ensuring that all obtained information and assessment materials are recorded properly is also part of the work of a career advisor.

Moreover, working in this position means that you need to be an insightful individual, who can delve deep into people’s minds, and determine what he or she is looking for. Also, since you will be working with people from different backgrounds, you need to exercise tolerance and patience and teach them to do the same, as difficulty in finding jobs often leads to them becoming frustrated and demotivated.

If working as a career advisor is what you want to do, we suggest that you look through the following list of duties particular to this position:

Career Advisor Job Description

• Engage candidates in conversation to determine their specific career and education goals and log all intake information according to protocol.
• Assess candidates’ skills and abilities, in accordance with their career aspirations, and provide feedback aimed at bettering them.
• Provide information such as available jobs that meet each candidate’s specific interests and skills levels.
• Create and maintain effective liaison with different recruiters to develop job banks, and connect candidates to recruiters when required.
• Write career literature and action plans, to assist candidates in determining what steps to take.
• Conduct one on one and group career advisement sessions for students, alumni, and recent graduates.
• Respond to candidates’ questions regarding career development options, exploration, and placement procedures.
• Educate students on job search skills, and trends in their specified industries, to help them prepare for employment procedures.
• Guide candidates in performing strategic job search activities, and mastering job application processes.
• Assist candidates in developing resumes and cover letters, and overcoming their fears of interviews and tests.
• Sort candidates’ resumes and cover letters, and pass them onto registered recruiters, to assist candidates with their job hunts.