Recreation Program Coordinator Skills

Updated on: August 14, 2018

We cannot do anything without a solid skills set backing us up. And that is precisely why there is a special section for skills in resumes. This section serves to provide hiring managers with information on what an individual is capable of doing once hired – or even what he or she had done in the past. And if you choose not to write anything in this section, you are telling the hiring manager that you have no skills to boast – which of course, isn’t possible.

Let’s get to the skills writing part. When you write a resume, your main focus should be on filling each section on it properly. And since the skills section comes right at the top, it is essential to fill it out with sizeable information. Your work-related skills are important – put them in well-structured statements and place them in the skills section on a resume. Wait! Skills are not only important where resumes are concerned.

They are equally important in cover letters which are primarily about skills anyway. Making sure that you put your skills into properly structured statements is important. There is one more reason that you should never leave the skills section empty – your skills tell a hiring manager how well you worked in the past, paving the way for future opportunities.

Some skills statements for a recreation program coordinator are provided here as samples to refer to:

Recreation Program Coordinator Skills

• Highly experienced in coordinating recreation programs such as aquatics, fitness, sports clubs, and summer camps.
• Expert in planning, organizing, implementing and teaching informal education programs.
• Deeply familiar with planning and arranging all aspects of program field trips, according to specified procedures.
• Proven ability to identify and involve appropriate resources to be used within the scope of the program.
• Exceptionally talented in overseeing the planning of daily activities for program areas such as arts and crafts, and fitness and sports.
• Solid track record of interacting with program participants and community leaders to ensure that goals and objectives are being met.
• Well-versed in identifying program gaps that may need to be filled, or made stronger.
• Qualified for evaluating implemented recreation programs, and making recommendations regarding their continuation.
• Competent in determining program content and scope, and setting goals and assessing effectiveness.
• Documented success in promoting programs and services through new releases, flyers, and other media resources.
• Highly skilled in supervising and monitoring the work of volunteers and instructors, and providing assistance where required.