Meeting Coordinator Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 14, 2016

You might think that it is easy to call a meeting to discuss a problem or a project, but in actuality, meetings, conferences, trainings and seminars are a horror to arrange. For an executive who has a million other things to concentrate on, coordinating meetings may not be possible. So there are people who are specifically hired to coordinate the details of meetings and conferences – meeting coordinators.

The work of a meeting coordinator is highly technical in the sense that there are so many things that he or she needs to bring together, to execute a perfect event. Since the success of a meeting depends on how well it is organized, there is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of a meeting coordinator. Imagine talking to ten different people to ensure that a one hour meeting is conducted properly. As a meeting coordinator, you have to make sure that each detail of a meeting or a conference is handled with precision so that it does not become a problem during the event.


Working as a meeting coordinator requires one to have a degree in business, although some organizations hire people who possess a high school diploma as well. If you are an outgoing individual and possess exceptional communication and coordination skills, this may be the job for you. And here is what you will be doing on a typical day at work:

Sample Job Description for Meeting Coordinator Resume

• Meet with clients or department heads to determine their meeting or conferencing needs
• Plan event scopes such as venues, timelines and costs and ensure that clients are communicated event costs and logistics
• Inspect venues to ensure that they meet requirements and coordinate services such as accommodation and transportation
• Coordinate the catering services by ensuring that budget limitations are adhered to
• Produce detailed proposals for meetings and conferences including timelines, suppliers, legal obligations and staffing requirements
• Prepare speaker correspondence and coordinate with speakers to ensure that they are aware of agendas
• Gain understanding of audio-visual equipment and suggest to speakers what equipment they may need to present their agenda
• Monitor communication during conferences and meetings and ensure any problems or glitches to technical issues
• Maintain and complete forms for each assigned meeting in the company database to determine requirements for human resource and technical support
• Create and maintain effective liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely delivery of services and supplies
• Review invoices related to meetings, training workshops and conferences and ensure that they are paid in a timely manner