Meeting Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 1, 2018

Meeting coordinators plan and execute the logistics of various meetings. This may include organizing travel arrangements, negotiating with vendors and managing meeting budgets.

If you like coordinating various aspects of a meeting, then this job may be right for you.

Your cover letter for Meeting Coordinator resume should address the exact needs of the prospective employer. Take a look at the following cover letter sample which will help you write a cover letter for the meeting coordinator position.



Meeting Coordinator Cover Letter Sample


55 Hazlet Avenue
New Castle, DE 52478

September 1, 2018

Mr. Cesar Damon
Manager HR
TechTrans International
746 Pavin Ct,
New Castle, DE 85745


Dear Mr. Damon:

Working with business logistics such as domestic and international travel, catering, scheduling and tracking budgets is all in a day’s work for me – and I enjoy this. This is the prime reason for my belief in my ability to perform well in the role of Meeting Coordinator at TransTech International.

I have been coordinating events and activities for over eight years now and have since learned much about the managing the successful meetings. My well developed organizational skills assist me to manage staff participation in all aspects of conferences and other meetings along with overseeing related logistics.

Since I possess excellent marketing knowledge with a proven ability to function as part of the team, I seldom find myself amidst chaos or conflict. I am known to resolve disputes owing to my problem resolution awareness, which has been commended by my supervisors many times during my seven-year work in this industry.

The attached resume will give you a good idea of my skills and abilities to work well in this regard. I will be available to talk at (000) 142-7454 if you need any information from me that you do not find in my resume.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Robin Delbert

Attachment. Resume