Hygiene Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: July 15, 2020

A hygiene coordinator resume should encourage the hiring manager to quickly invite you for an interview. Yes, that is how good it should be. How?

Well, you can put a lot of information regarding your knowledge of handling work in a dental practice, including administrative, continuing care, and financial aspects of the facility.

Also, you will need to ensure that you write regarding your skills in maintaining hygienic practices within a dental facility.

Here is a resume sample that you can use to write your own resume for a hygiene coordinator position:

Sample Resume for Hygiene Coordinator

William Andrews
54 Ultra Street, Olympia, WA39095
(000) 999-9999


Highly accomplished hygiene coordinator with extensive experience in providing chairside, administrative, and front desk assistance in busy dental settings. Unmatched ability to manage hygiene scheduled for dental units, ensuring excellent efficiency in all areas.

• Facility Sanitization
• Chairside Assisting
• X-ray Mounting
• Administrative Support
• Front Desk Handling
• Insurance Liaison
• Patient Briefing
• Financials Handling
• Treatment Rooms Preparation
• Charts Maintenance
• Record Keeping

• Replaced the existing patient scheduling system with a unique one, as a result, increased scheduling efficiency by 85%.
• Singlehandedly managed 100+ patients in 1 day, on a particularly busy day at the practice.
• Introduced the concept of digital x-rays, hence, decreased image processing time by 65%.
• Implemented a unique patient record-keeping system, considered 50% more efficient than the one already in use.


Hygiene Coordinator
 Hub Dental, Olympia, WA
 Aug 2016 – Present
• Greet patients as they arrived at the facility while confirming their appointments.
• Ensure that patients are comfortably seated in dental chairs.
• Educate patients about procedures that they will be going through.
• Arrange for dental instruments and equipment to be made available for each procedure.
• Assist with processes such as dental x-rays, and braces imaging.
• Sterilize equipment and instruments before each procedure.
• Dispose of supplies and instruments that have been used.
• Debrief patients about continuing care processes that they must follow.
• Schedule appointments and ensure that they are followed up on.
• Handle cancellations by adjusting waiting list patients.
• Create and maintain records of patients, updating them as and when needed.

Dental Assistant
 Dental Aesthetics, Olympia, WA
 May 2013 – Aug 2016
• Checked patients’ appointment schedules and provided the reminders.
• Assisted in scheduling appointments over the telephone, and in-person.
• Provided information to callers regarding the dental facility’s services.
• Updated patients’ charts on a regular basis.
• Assisted in the cleaning and sanitization of procedure rooms.

High School Diploma
St. Edward’s High School, Olympia, WA 

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