Entry Level HR Coordinator Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: April 19, 2022

We are assuming that you are on this page because you want to apply for an entry-level HR coordinator position.

Let us help you out in writing one.

At the time of writing a cover letter for an entry-level HR Coordinator position, make sure that you highlight whatever knowledge you have obtained from your degree program.

This will help you in many ways. For starters, the hiring manager will want to know all that you know about the work – even if it isn’t all that much.

Then, your cover letter should be able to highlight why you are a better choice to hire than the rest of the candidates for the same job.

Looking for more help to write your cover letter? Here is a sample to help you along:

Sample Cover Letter for Human Resources Coordinator With No Experience

Casey Cooper
(000) 827-8473
[email protected]

April 19, 2022

Mr. Ian Webb
Human Resources Manager
News Corp
460 Vape Road
Greenville, SC 26937

Dear Mr. Webb:

As a detail-oriented human resources graduate, I would like to obtain a human resource coordinator position with your organization. I feel that I am a great fit owing to my exceptional skills in responding to HR queries and handling core HR functions. I am sure that the enclosed resume will be of great interest to you.

During my degree program, I was required to hold a 6-week internship, which helped me in learning the ropes. Now, I am adept at coordinating and delegating tasks to appropriate individuals within the department, and can effectively assist in the recruitment and interview process.

Specifically, I am knowledgeable in:

  • Analyzing training needs and develop a training curriculum.
  • Assisting in the induction and orientation of new employees.
  • Scheduling meetings, and efficiently following up with them.
  • Maintaining the HR team’s calendars.
  • Providing great input in order to improve employment policies.

I am confident that I will be an asset to you for many reasons. To discuss this in detail, I’d like to get a prescreening call. Thank you for considering my candidacy for the HR Coordinator job at News Corp.


Casey Cooper

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