Education Outreach Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated October 28, 2022
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Position Overview

Education outreach coordinators work as spokesmen for an educational institute in order to obtain funding for special projects and to educate individuals and groups about the availability of services and facilities.

They are trained in handling communications work, including writing press releases and grant requests.

Working as an education outreach coordinator is quite a challenge. You have to completely understand the purpose of each program that you are representing, and ensure that all possible grounds are covered.

Educational Requirement

To work as an education outreach coordinator, you have to possess a degree in education or a related field.

Required Skills & Abilities

A strong background in education services and deep knowledge of both federal and state education systems and correlating rules and policies are prerequisites for working in this role.

In addition to this, it is imperative for education outreach coordinators to be able to create and deliver presentations to a diverse audience.

Demonstrated public relations expertise, effective interpersonal and communication skills, and some volunteer experience in the past are usually considered when hiring people for this position.

Furthermore, you will need to possess a thorough knowledge of the local community – some employers may want you to possess a strong local personal network as well.

So if you have it in you to work in a team environment, possess an exceptional affinity with education outreach initiatives, and can effectively communicate verbally and in writing, this is the job for you.

Here is a list of job duties that you will be performing when working as an education outreach coordinator:

Education Outreach Coordinator Job Description for Resume

• Recruit, train, and screen host members from within the local community and handle host family relationship management and retention work.

• Create presentations and schedule and provide community presentations to build awareness and engagement within the local community.

• Leverage social media, networking, and partnering with the educational community within the scope of work.

• Monitory educational delivery issues and provide strategic leadership in order to address these issues.

• Develop relationships with key individuals and groups within the community to position the organization as an asset to the local community.

• Work with various types of mediums for the development of educational materials, including audio and visual equipment.

• Develop and monitor education and outreach department structures in order to accomplish annual goals.

• Proactively identify and establish new programming and outreach opportunities, placing special focus on participants’ needs

• Oversee the production and circulation of materials outlining the need for educational outreach and how it benefits all involved.

Since Education Outreach Coordinator resumes are comprehensive documents that include everything regarding your professional life, it is quite easy to get your information across to a prospective employer.

The following resume sample will help you build or update your resume.

Education Outreach Coordinator Resume Example

Sarah Palling
45 Jackson Street
Katy, TX 58021
(000) 902-2145
sarahpallin @ email . com


Results-driven education outreach professional with 13+ years of successful track record. Known in the community for exceptional capabilities in establishing a clear vision and direction in terms of educational and outreach programs for a multi-generation audience and specific user groups.

• Talented in reaching out into the community to draw our participants from across diverse communities
• Develops and monitor education and outreach department structures to accomplish annual goals
• Ability to identify and establish new programming and outreach opportunities
• Able to strengthen existing programs’ participation and revenue goals

• Vision Creation • Community Outreach 
• Operational Budgets • Strategic Planning
• Needs Assessment • Events Research
• Data Tracking • Curriculum Development
• Materials Development • Community Education

• Successfully convinced a group of 46 parents who believed in free parenting, to place their children in organized school systems.
• Stayed within operational budgets for the years 2020 and 2021.
• Developed core educational materials for junior schools, identifying their core learning needs.
• Implemented a series of community education programs that were deemed highly successful by the state education board.


Education Outreach Coordinator
New Oasis Education System, Katy, TX
May 2020 – Present
• Establish a clear vision and direction for the organization’s educational and outreach programs
• Perform outreach activities to draw in participants from across diverse communities
• Oversee production of all materials produced to ensure compatibility with the educational mission of the organization
• Identify, solicit and cultivate funding sources including grants and individual and corporate donors
• Manage the organization’s website and social media outlets in sync with established policies and procedures
• Conduct research on identified areas for education outreach and develop metrics to take up initiatives
• Administer education-specific projects as they arise and develop and execute education workshops
• Recruit, train, and screen host members of the local community and monitor community issues and trends

Katy High School, Katy, TX
Dec 2014 – May 2020
• Created and implemented a core curriculum to meet the individual needs of all students
• Developed lesson plans and imparted education according to specified directions
• Communicated with parents and guardians about students’ strengths and limitations and provided advice
• Oversaw students in order to ensure conformance to behavior standards and managed conflict resolution
• Assessed students based on academic, social, developmental, and cognitive growth and assisted them in their weak areas

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Texas State University, Katy, TX – 2013

The first thing that comes to mind when a prospective employer is deciding whether to hire a candidate or not is “will he be able to do the job?”

The answer to this question will decide if you really can become a hiring manager’s favorite candidate. If the answer is no, you may just forget about obtaining the job and move on.

But if the answer is yes, it will help if you identify how you can do the job.

How skilled you are is what will determine if you can outperform in the role of an Education Outreach Coordinator.

Here are some examples of skills statements that you can put on an education outreach coordinator’s resume:

Education Outreach Coordinator Skills for Resume

• Highly experienced in establishing a clear vision and direction for a wide variety of educational outreach programs.

• Able to proactively reach out to draw in members from across diverse communities, ranging from youngsters to adult learners.

• Effectively able to drive year-round attendance and engage the community in outreach initiatives based on their individual needs.

• Skilled in establishing and directing educational outreach programs to meet the organization’s established requirements.

• Hands-on experience in developing and monitoring education and outreach departmental structures, aiming to accomplish goals along with managing short and long-term planning.

• First-hand experience in evaluating and strengthening the organization’s existing programs to achieve program participation and revenue goals.

• Proven ability to integrate evaluations to allow for ongoing review of all current and future educational plans.

• Exceptionally talented in overseeing the production and circulation of didactic materials to ensure compatibility with the educational mission of the organization.

• Well-versed in handling the operational and capital department budgets and strategic planning as they relate to educational outreach programs.

• Track record of effectively providing assistance with curriculum development, with the overall goals of the educational outreach program in mind.