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Updated on: December 16, 2021
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Apparently, writing a cover letter for an entry-level staffing coordinator position seems complicated.

But if you have a little guidance, you can write one that is sure to impress the hiring manager.

Firstly, find out what the prospective employer needs your employee profile to look like.

Then, you must figure out the language that you need to put into your cover letter in order to impress the hiring manager.

Speaking of language, a cover letter for an entry-level staffing coordinator position should project you the most viable candidate ever.

This means that you need to use a mix of professional and regular language to forward your case.

As a staffing coordinator, you should offer information about your knowledge of recruiting processes and procedures, in the easiest yet professional manner.

Lastly, the tone of your cover letter must be professional yet friendly.

Does it all seem too much? Don’t worry – read the following cover letter sample:

Staffing Coordinator Cover Letter No Experience

Tiffany Isaac
(000) 847-2847
[email protected]

December 16, 2021

Mr. Matt Bucket
Human Resources Manager
3910 Peak Land Road
Overland Park, KS 91483

Dear Mr. Bucket:

I was excited to learn that Taco is seeking a Staffing Coordinator for its Overland Park office. With my strong and diverse Human resources education and skills, I am convinced that I would be a valuable asset to your human resources team.

Ensuring that staffing requirements for each department are correctly filled is my niche. I possess the ability to follow internal and external procedures set by local, state, and federal agencies. For that reason, I can effectively handle scheduling work and can manage the details of orientation and training.

Besides that, I am exceptionally talented in supporting candidate screening and orientation processes, and can effectively facilitate post-hiring procedures. Moreover, I can assist in the preparation and execution of orientation and training plans, meeting candidates’ dynamic training needs consistently.

After you read my attached resume, I am sure that your search for a staffing coordinator will end here. I will remain in touch for an interview opportunity. Until then, please call me at (000) 847-2847 if needed.

Thank you for considering my credentials for the Staffing Coordinator position at Taco.


Tiffany Isaac

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