Academic Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 14, 2019


Academic coordinator cover letters are an integral part of any job application set.


This means that if a resume is submitted without a cover letter, it has a high chance of being rejected as another one with a compelling cover letter will take advantage.

It is important to write a potent cover letter for Academic Coordinator Resume and enclose it with your job application.

Take a look at what a well-written cover letter for an academic coordinator position should look like.




Academic Coordinator Cover Letter Example


88 Some Place
Washington, DC 99987
emma.hart @ email . com

June 14, 2019

Mr. Mel Dorado
George Mason University
3411 Athens Place
Washington, DC 98111


Dear Mr. Dorado:

I am interested in applying for a position as an Academic Coordinator at George Mason University and submitting my resume for your consideration. As a skilled and dedicated Academic Coordinator, with hands-on experience in providing academic support, I am confident that I can make a successful contribution to George Mason University.

As part of my work duties at my previous place of work, I provided direct academic support, including academic skill development, strategy assistance, monitoring progress, and performance and help with registration and orientation.

However, my work was not limited to this; I was also responsible for providing academic coaching to student-athletes. This experience and others that my resume will give details on have instilled in me the understanding of retaining energy, excellent organizational skills and policies, and procedures.

I am excited about being part of a dynamic team at George Mason University and would like to discuss my qualifications with you in detail. I will call your office after one week to follow-up on my job application. Should you need to contact me in the interim, I will be available on 999-999-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Emma Hart

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