Sauté Cook Resume Sample

Updated on: September 18, 2016


Deciding what to emphasize in a sauté cook resume is probably the most important thing to do.

The trouble is that everything in a resume is important to emphasize.

But if you can prioritize information – putting first what is most important – you may have the resume sorted out.

And this is what the following saute cook resume sample is based on.



Sauté Cook Resume Sample


James Cole

22 Midland Road| Rupert, WV 46025 | (000) 745-4754 | jamescole @ email . com


Performance Summary: Extremely organized and self-motivated culinary enthusiast with over 5 years of experience working in kitchens of busy restaurants. Track record of preparing meats, poultry and fish, and performing both grilling and sautéing activities. A supportive and tactful individual who is known for diligence and hard work. Great ability to work in a fast paced and team oriented environment.


– Deglazing – Food Preparation
– Sauces Preparation – Menu Development
– Food Rotation – Kitchen Equipment Operations
– Portioning – Garnishing
– Sanitation Practices – Station Stocking
– Quality Maintenance – Food Waste Disposal

• Devised a novel food waste disposal system which minimized the time of waste within the kitchen by 55%
• Developed a new recipe for sautéed vegetables, which increased patrons’ interest in the main dishes
• Increased dish proportions while maintaining within the set budget requirements by adding other ingredients
• Reduced the cost of fresh meat procurement by 25% by bringing onboard a different and less expensive supplier


Sauté Cook
Great West Virginia Hotels, Rupert, WV | 6/2013 – Present

• Assist in developing recipes for sautéed meat, fish, poultry and vegetable dishes
• Determine what side dishes complement main dishes and provide suggestions for additions to the menu
• Set up and break down the grill and sauté station and ensure that all supplies are available at the beginning of the day
• Check equipment such as grills and ovens at the beginning of the shift and report any problems or malfunctions
• Sauté vegetables and meats according to set recipes and dish them out as main dishes or sidelines

Sauté Cook
City Hotel, Rupert, WV | 8/2012 – 6/2013

• Ensured that appropriate portion control was maintained
• Performed dish garnishing duties
• Cooked main items according to set cooking times
• Ensured correct amount of spices and herbs in each dish
• Cut, cubed and portioned meats and vegetables according to the specifics of each dish
• Ascertained that the kitchen area, particularly counters are kept clean and sanitized and that appropriate waste disposal functions are performed

Kitchen Assistant
Captain Cook’s, Rupert, WV | 2/2011 – 8/2012

• Cleaned and sanitized kitchen areas including counters and floors and provided assistance in washing dishes and kitchen utensils
• Prepared raw food items by cutting and marinating meats and vegetables according to provided recipes
• Performed preventative maintenance on kitchen equipment such as ovens, grills and stoves
• Handled waste disposal duties by efficiently collecting and disposing off waste according to set safety precautions
• Carried prepared dishes to the frontend and handed them over to waiters to be served to awaiting patrons


Culinary Internship
City Hotel, Rupert, WV | 2010

Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Sciences
Rupert Culinary School, Rupert, WV | 2009