Popeyes Cook Resume Sample

Updated: May 12, 2022

A resume for a cook at Popeyes will require the applicant to highlight his or her skills, education, and experience.

Also, accomplishments should be made part of the document.

As a cook at Popeyes, you will need to emphasize how well you know the menu and associated recipes.

Moreover, your resume should make it obvious that you are an exceptional candidate from all ends.

When you are writing a resume for the Popeyes Cook position, you must ensure that the right information is placed in it. This will include knowledge of preparing and cooking food, particularly fried items.

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Here is a resume sample for a cook position at Popeyes:

Popeyes Cook Resume Example

Shelly Bernard
1083 Grange Road
South Portland, ME18734
(000) 999-9999
[email protected]


Uniquely qualified cook with vast experience in preparing and cooking fried and grilled items. Ability to operate and maintain equipment such as grills and fryers. Effectively able to ensure order delivery in a timely and accurate manner.

– Kitchen Sanitization – Equipment Use
– Preventative Maintenance – Recipe Development
– Food Rotation – Plating
– Garnishing – Portioning
– Food Stock Management – Inventory Oversight
– Vendor Relations – Record Keeping

• Explicitly implemented a kitchen sanitization system, as a result, fewer incidents of contamination occurred.
• Implemented a garnishing type, increasing patrons’ interest in two particular dishes.
• Introduced an inventory system, which proved to be 65% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Devised a preventative maintenance process, decreasing equipment breakdown by 55%.


Popeyes, La Grange, KY   
May 2015 – present
• Assist management in creating recipes and menus.
• Ensure that all ingredients are available at the beginning of the day.
• Gather ingredients and supplies required for each dish.
• Prepare items such as meats, salads, and soups.
• Operate equipment such as grills and fryers.
• Marinated meats in order to bring out their flavors.
• Portioned food items like fries, mashed potatoes, and vegetables.
• Ensured that orders were delivered in a timely manner.
• Cleaned and sanitized work areas.
• Performed food items rotation, lest they expire.

Cook helper
Captain Cook’s, La Grange, KY   
Jan 2013 – May 2015
• Chopped meats and vegetables according to instructions.
• Ensured that bread and croissants were properly baked and sliced.
• Prepared food items such as soups, sandwiches, and salads.
• Cleaned kitchen areas like counters and floors.
• Performed preventative as well as regular maintenance on fryers, ovens, and grills.

High School Diploma
La Grange High School, La Grange, KY

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