6 Catering Cook Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 21, 2023

You can ace the catering cook interview if you prepare for it in advance. 

The following set of interview questions and answers for a catering cook position will help:

Catering Cook Interview Questions and Answers

1. What was your journey to working as a catering cook?

I started working as a cook in a restaurant where the nature of my job took a great turn when the restaurant owner decided to diversify into catering. Since I was technically the best that they had, I was provided with intense training in handling food preparation and cooking activities for a large group of people. There hasn’t been any looking back since then.

2. What is it that you like the best about working as a catering cook?

Every catering task has a challenge associated with it, usually pertaining to maintaining quality while preparing a large quantity of food. This challenge keeps me going.

3. What is the most difficult thing that you have done as a catering cook?

I was once asked by my employer to handle food arrangements for 3 different parties in one day – all of them demanding a different cuisine. It was greatly nerve-wracking but I managed to lead the whole thing without a single untoward incident or complaint.

4. What skills do you possess specifically that makes you an excellent catering cook?

Firstly, I am a pro at world cuisine which includes the likes of Japanese, Italian, Moroccan, and Indian food. In addition to this, I am exceptionally talented in handling food preparation and cooking activities according to specified food hygiene and sanitation guidelines. Makeover, I am a deadline-oriented individual, which means that none of my catered events ever have problems due to food delivery issues.

5. What is the first thing that you do at the beginning of a shift?

There are two things that I do at the beginning of each shift. One is to check the inventory of food supplies, and the other is to ensure that food rotation is managed.

6. How do you feel about working in an environment where you have to be constantly in front of a contraption that emits heat and fumes?

I’d call it aroma instead of fumes. Working in the heat is all part of the game. Had I not been able to hack it, I would not have chosen this line of work.