Top 21 Scaffolder Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 30, 2022

Before you set out to be interviewed for a scaffolder position, prepare for it.

The type of questions that will be aimed at you should be practiced beforehand.

Technically, the interviewer will check your knowledge of setting up and taking down scaffolding that will be checked.

Also, you may face questions to determine your physical agility and strength, and your knowledge of uploading scaffolding equipment to the site.

Make sure that you answer in the right way to convince the interviewer.

Also, it is imperative to project yourself as a viable candidate for the job by mentioning what you know about construction work.

A set of interview questions and answers for a scaffolder interview is provided here:

Scaffolder Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I started working on construction sites 5 years ago in an apprentice capacity. Right after the apprenticeship ended, I realized that my skills were well-placed in scaffolding work. Since then, I have been working as a scaffolder for complex construction projects.

2. Recount some of the duties that you have performed in this role previously.

As a scaffolder, I have performed many duties, including checking worksites, planning scaffolding projects, making scaffolding, and erecting it. Apart from this, I have been busy fixing scaffolding to buildings to make them stable. In addition, I have been working on putting up scaffolding poles and fixing guard rails and safety netting. Moreover, setting base plates at regular intervals is also part of my work.

3. Tell me something about the skills that you possess.

As a scaffolder, I have acquired many skills over the years. Physical strength and dexterity are just one part of it. I am well-versed in erecting scaffolding of different types, by ensuring that safety measures are taken into account. Apart from this, I am excellent at identifying hazards, and defects, and ensuring compliance with agreed codes. Also, I can carry out all tasks within agreed timelines, and can also maintain accurate records.

4. What is the most enjoyable part of working as a Scaffolder?

The work itself is enjoyable. I love working outdoors, and that is what motivates me the most.

5. What do you dislike about this work?

When my work is hindered because of rain or snow, I do not feel a sense of accomplishment. And I do not like that very much.

6. What is the most important part of working as a scaffolder?

In my opinion, ensuring the safety and sturdiness of erected scaffolding is most important. Everything else is secondary.

7. How do you handle conflict in the workplace?

When so many people are working together, conflict is an unavoidable instance. I try to resolve conflict immediately so that it does not impact my work in a negative manner.

8. What is your greatest strength?

My greatest strength is my ability to work on my feet for long periods of time.

9. What is your greatest weakness?

I am a perfectionist, which means that I keep going on and on until I know that I have achieved perfection. However, this does not sit well when you have deadlines to meet.

10. What do you do when you are faced with indecision?

I think of the pros and cons of my decisions when I am faced with such a situation. And then, I make a decision that has the most pros.

11. What is your dream job?

My dream job is to work in a capacity where I am left to be creative.

12. Have you ever held a dream job?

I am hoping to in the near future, as I feel working for your organization is exactly what I am looking for.

13. Do you feel that perfect working environments exist?

No, I feel that perfection in anything is difficult to achieve. Where work environments are concerned, you cannot wait for perfection as you will never work on anything then.

14. Tell me of a time when you had an altercation with a coworker.

I was once working on a scaffolding project when a fellow scaffolder mentioned that I was working too hard on something that is as temporary as a scaffold. I disagreed as I knew that working on a scaffold is very important as people’s lives depend on it. He called me an overly eager individual and mentioned that he would never spend so much time on a scaffold. When I disagreed, he got angry and started behaving childishly by calling me names. It was an altercation of the oddest type.

15. How do you handle disagreements with a supervisor?

Mostly, supervisors are right in providing guidance and support. On the rare occasion that a disagreement has happened, I have been careful to choose my words, and if needed, explained why I did what I did. And I have agreed where I thought that the supervisor was correct of course.

16. What demotivates you?

Work not done well is a great demotivating factor for me. When I do something, I want it to be perfect, and I expect the same from others.

17. And what motivates you?

I am motivated by many factors, including good work, excellent work relationships, and no micromanagement.

18. How do you feel about working in a team environment?

Working in construction is all about teamwork. I like the fact that we can work in a team environment, and help each other with work.

19. When can you join us if we decide to hire you?

I am between jobs right now, as I have recently moved to this state. I am available to begin working immediately.

20. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I intend to be working as a construction supervisor within the next few years.

21. Do you have any questions for me?

I am interested in knowing more about your company, and the kind of projects that it works on.

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