Electrical Contractor Resume Sample

Updated on: October 29, 2019

As an electrical contractor, your main job will be to install, repair, and maintain electrical wires and circuits in different settings.

To acquire a position in this capacity, you must create a resume that tells the hiring manager how awesome you are for the role.


An electrical contractor resume must include your ability to read and interpret drawings and designs.

Also, past experience in this role must be mentioned on the resume.

One thing to look out for when creating your electrical contractor resume is the format.

One that possesses all the right sections, and is friendly to look at will work well.

Here is one:


Electrical Contractor Resume Sample


Caleb Jones
95 Dwell Road, Somerset, KY12874
(000) 999-9999


Top-performing Electrical Contractor with deep insight into performing electrical work on wires, and complex wiring systems. Particularly effective in reading and comprehending electrical designs and blueprints. Qualified to analyze project electrical needs, and design electrical systems in accordance with codes.

• Successfully implemented a preventative maintenance system, as a result, decreased breakdowns by 50%.
• Introduced the concept of automatic threading, hence, reduced wire installation time by 75%.
• Upgraded the existing electrical system, putting in a more advanced one.
• Eradicated downtime, by implementing a unique breakdown prevention system.

• Project Analysis and Inspection
• Wire Piping and Threading
• Work Area Maintenance
• Work Scheduling
• System Upgrade
• Energy Management
• System Implementation
• Corrective Action
• Emergency Handling
• Needs Assessment
• Breakdown Prevention
• Troubleshooting


Electrical Contractor
Greiner Electric, Somerset, KY | 2014-present

• Look through blueprints and drawings in order to determine wiring designs
• Decipher quality designs for new electrical systems installation
• Implement electrical wiring systems for well-functioning lighting, intercom, and other such systems
• Install and maintain electrical fixtures and equipment
• Connect wiring in electrical circuits and networks
• Assemble conduits and thread wiring through them
• Troubleshoot issues with electrical systems and components
• Connect wires to circuit breakers and transformers
• Inspect electrical equipment, wires, and components in order to ensure safety
• Identify hazards in electrical systems, and perform counter measures

General Electric, Somerset, KY | 2011-2014

• Assisted in inspecting problems with current electrical systems
• Performed preventative and regular maintenance on electrical systems
• Inspected electrical systems in order to determine problems
• Adjusted and repaired wires and wiring systems
• Cleaned and maintained work areas

Associate of Science in Electrical Engineering
Somerset College, Somerset, KY – 2009

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