Entry Level Construction Worker Resume No Experience

Updated: July 19, 2022

No experience does not automatically translate into no skills.

When you have little or no experience in the construction arena, or when you are just starting in the job world, the first thing that comes to your mind is how do I qualify for a job when I have no experience?

But experience is not the only thing that hiring managers look at.

In fact, there are some positions for which experience is not a necessity – skills and the will to learn new things are.

A construction worker resume that does not boast of experience does not have to be an unsuccessful one.

If you word your resume correctly, you can most certainly bag the job of your dreams even without the benefit of experience.

Your resume can hold information about your skills, qualifications, academic achievements, and education, and still be considered a great read.

Study the sample below when preparing your resume, and you will know what we mean:

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Construction Worker Resume No Experience

Kyle Hamill
77 8th Street, Villa Ricca, GA 87021
(000) 308-8541
[email protected]


Self-motivated and physically dexterous

A competent individual with deep insight into handling construction work in both commercial and residential settings. Skilled in preparing construction sites for forthcoming work processes, placing special focus on the quality of work.

• Adept at operating machinery such as trench rammers and pneumatic hammers to break concrete
• Proficient in preparing and applying construction materials to build structures and fill gaps
• Competent in positioning and aligning structural components, in accordance with provided instruction
• Effectively able to manage operations and maintenance of saws, drills, and blowtorches

✓ Machine Operations ✓ Preventative Maintenance
✓ Materials Inventory ✓ Concrete Mixing
✓ Traffic Control ✓ Quality Control
✓ Site Preparation ✓ Equipment Tending
✓ Structure Erecting


Volunteer Laborer
Bridge Construction Company, Villa Ricca, GA
2/2022 – 5/2022
• Prepared work sites by clearing them of debris and hazardous materials
• Laid out tools and equipment such as pneumatic hammers, blowtorches, and drills, needed by construction workers at the site
• Put up signs to divert traffic to alternate routes to ensure uninterrupted work activities
• Assisted in digging trenches and ditches, using shovels, picks, and jackhammers
• Performed regular and preventative maintenance on construction equipment and tools

High School Diploma
Ricca High School, Villa Ricca, GA – 2022

Excellent references available

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