Email Cover Letter Sample for Computer Operator

Updated: September 28, 2018

Cover letters are demanded by almost all employers these days. A cover letter usually accompanies the resume, as part of job application; its purpose is a formal introduction of the candidate with the recruiter, wherein the candidate gets a chance to persuade the hiring authority regarding the suitability of the candidate for the mentioned post, and the goal is to secure an interview.

Email cover letters are more or less the same as other cover letters content-wise. However, the format followed in these slightly differs from the regular cover letters.

Following is an excellent example of email cover letter for the position of a computer operator.


Computer Operator Email Cover Letter Sample


From: Nicolas Bill [nic.bill @ email . com]

To: Thomas Guilford [thomas.guilford @ email . com]

Subject: Computer Operator Job Posting at HFC Enterprises

Dear Mr. Guilford:

While going through the classified section of the New York Times yesterday, I came to know about your firm’s need for an experienced Computer Operator. Working currently as a computer operator cum receptionist at a local health clinic, I wish to join a professional organization like yours, in the capacity of a full-time computer operator; for which I am trained and genuinely qualified.

By joining HFC enterprises as a computer operator, I would deliver the best computer maintenance skills for all the computers at the premises. I have a proven record of maintaining over 50 machines in perfect updated condition at my current job, and I could do the same for your firm. As you will find in the enclosed resume, I am adept at maintaining and updating all the systems in terms of the latest versions of Windows, MS Office, and client data software.

Being in-charge of computer section for three years has rendered me with a unique ability to diagnose issues and troubleshoot them expertly. I could use my expertise in hardware maintenance and repair, along with my immaculate techniques of handling and rectifying faulty software to ensure well being of all the systems at HFC enterprises. I believe my highly informed opinion regarding new installations of software and immense knowledge of best deals for purchase of hardware could also come in handy for your firm.

Since my skills and qualifications are an exact match for your job descriptions, I would like to have an interview date with you to discuss this position and my relevant skills further. I intend to make a call at your office later next week to set up a meeting date. In the interim, should you require any documents or have any queries regarding my qualifications, I’ll be accessible at (099) 333-5555.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Nicolas Bill
86 Flint Avenue, Main Street
West Chester, NY 8900
(099) 333-5555


Attachment: Nicolas-Bill-Resume.doc