Store Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 16, 2019

There are few events in our lives for interviews as they have the potential to bring us on the career path that we have always wanted to tread on.

But interviews are difficult to ace if you are not prepared for them. A badly given interview can leave us dejected and unsure of our future but it does not have to be this way.


The solution is to organize your thoughts properly before an interview and research the position that you are applying for.

So if it is a store clerk’s position that you are applying for, make sure that you know what this job is all about.

You will need to conduct some research on what is expected of a store clerk and then look into possible questions that you may be asked during an interview.

Prepare mock answers to the questions you may be asked and practice them on your own.


Since a store clerk’s work is that of absolute responsibility, it is important to show your responsible side to an interviewer. The following set of interview questions and answers for the position of a store clerk may help you be successful in an interview.

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Store Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

In your opinion, what are the key responsibilities of a store clerk?

A store clerk is mainly responsible for inventory maintenance, upkeep of store and warehouse, customer complaint processing, transaction processing, warranty stamping, and verification, arranging shopping carts and facilitating communication between management and staff regarding availability and demand of merchandise.

Why did you opt to work as a store clerk?

I always like working with people from different backgrounds – and because of this, my customer service skills have been heightened over the years.

I am an organized individual, and the retail world has always fascinated me because of the challenges that it offers. Waking up to new challenges every day is my greatest motivator.

Why should we hire you as a store clerk?

As per the advertisement, you require a highly qualified store clerk, and I offer five plus years of relevant experience with proven expertise in merchandise management and display, ensuring timely dispatch of requisition demands and basic cash handling.

I also bring remarkable customer dealing etiquette, strong work ethics and am fluent in more than three languages including Spanish, Italian, French and English.

What makes you a good candidate for the position of a store clerk?

I have a natural capacity to multitask effectively. I have worked on the sales floor extensively and understand stocking, maintenance and cashiering duties completely. I can work in different capacities within the sales arena which makes me an excellent candidate for the position of a sales clerk.

What measures have you taken in your previous position to increase revenues?

At my previous position at Macy’s, I was actively involved in all the campaigning activities initiated by the marketing staff. I was also an active member of the promotional team that introduced Adhorns at Macy’s and was responsible for assisting the team in exceeding its revenue objectives.

Tell us about a time when you did your best to assist a customer and came out shining.

One of the company’s patrons had a misadventure with a fellow sales clerk who was rude to her. I intervened, apologized and offered her a discount (after taking approval from my supervisor) on the electronic product that she was interested in. Instead of lodging a complaint against the sales clerk, she sent a commendation for me, and I was awarded an instant bonus!

What are the three essential skills for a store clerk?

Strong attention to detail, data entry skills, and effective time management strategies.

Do you have any experience in inventory maintenance?

Definitely! It is a crucial part of any store clerk position. I am very well versed in-store stock management and relevant logs and inventory maintenance. I am also familiar with computerized inventories and have worked with a few previously.

What do you like the best about this job?

Being a social person, the part I enjoy most is daily interaction with new people be it vendors, suppliers or customers.

Share a stressful situation you faced and how did you handle it?

When I joined Jerry’s the previous clerk had resigned without notice and left a lot of unsorted data. It was a difficult time because the annual audit was expected in a week. I did not panic and took up the task from scratch. Through quick data entry skills, effective time management, and smart task prioritization, I sorted all pending data well before time for the audit successfully.

How do you perform in a team? Have you had any teamwork experience?

Since school life, effective team-work has been my biggest strength. My strong interpersonal skills and inherent leadership qualities help me in interacting productively with all team members.

I believe in the equal and just division of labor among team members based on each member’s particular strengths. I am also equally effective if needed to work independently.

Give me an example of an instance wherein you adapted well to a change?

I am an adaptive person and bring a track record of working effectively despite changes in my management and surroundings. Just a year back the whole control at Harvey’s changed and my list of duties also slightly changed. I took it as a challenge and continued to try persistently until the new manager was happy with my performance


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