Purchasing Clerk Resume Sample

Updated: August 29, 2022

Hiring managers, who go through hundreds of resumes in the hunt for one perfect employee, do not wish to see mediocre resumes.

Consider the following sample before writing a resume for purchasing clerk position.

Purchasing Clerk Resume Sample

Gracy Tool
66 Fuller Road
Crofton, KY 21778
(000) 258-9050
gracytool @ email . com


Dedicated Purchasing Clerk with over 6 years of experience in maintaining accurate order status reports and vendor data, with a special focus on providing meaningful statuses and activity updates regarding purchasing efforts. Skilled at creating purchasing orders from requisitions, placing special focus on the accuracy of information.

Effectively coordinate with vendors to obtain product and service information including price and availability. Handle both data entry and paperwork with special attention to the accuracy of data. Committed to ensuring that acceptable and accurate orders are accepted by coordinating efforts with quality control officials.

✓ Quotation Evaluation ✓ Delivery Expediting
✓ Price Negotiation ✓ Vendor Relations
✓ Needs Assessment ✓ Inventory Monitoring
✓ Price Tagging ✓ Reports Management
✓ Sales Prediction ✓ Customer Service
✓ Supplier Recommendation ✓ Delivery Scheduling


Purchasing Clerk
Creative Inc., Crofton, KY
2016 – Present
• Create purchase orders and ensure that they are properly verified
• Look through incoming purchase orders to determine the needs of each department
• Determine if inventory quantities are at par and sufficient for the needs of each department
• Create and maintain effective liaison with suppliers and vendors to ensure timely and accurate delivery of suppliers
• Ascertain that all purchase orders are honored, placing special attention on urgent ones
• Oversee the purchasing process, ensuring that the right type and amount of supplies are procured
• Prepare and maintain purchase files, reports, and price lists in the company system
• Approve bills for payment and ensure that all outstanding payments are made in a timely manner
Key Contributions & Accomplishments
• Streamlined the purchasing system by incorporating a series of steps to follow which increased procurement efficiency by 45%.
• Replaced the old inventory system with a new, more efficient one resulting in great ease in accessing information.

Procurement Assistant
ENESCO, Crofton, KY
2012 – 2016
• Assisted in creating procurement orders and filling out purchase forms
• Checked information on forms and order slips to ensure accuracy
• Located suppliers using information catalogs and compare prices and delivery timelines
• Followed up on orders to ensure that they were delivered on time
• Created and maintained purchase files and folders, and ensured that all price lists were maintained in an accurate fashion
Key Contributions & Accomplishments
• Reduced the cost of acquiring supplies by suggesting to avail services of an as expensive yet efficient delivery company.
• Introduced the concept of requisition slips, making the purchasing process less cumbersome to handle.

High School Diploma
Crofton High School, Crofton, KY | 2005

• Microsoft Word
• Excel Database
• Procurement Software
• Website and Internet ordering