Dispatch Clerk Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated: August 29, 2022
Position Overview

A dispatch clerk works for organizations that have high delivery needs. It includes logistics companies, as well as organizations that have offices in different areas within a city.

The work of a dispatch clerk involves creating and maintaining liaisons with dispatch riders to ensure that they deliver assigned packages to the right places.

Position Requirements

Working as a dispatch clerk means that you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED.

In addition to this, you need to be able to handle the many tasks associated with dispatch work, including clear communications, and the ability to manage problems and issues as they arise.

Moreover, a dispatch clerk needs to possess great insight into logistics and freight work, ensuring that any issues or problems that may arise, do not convert into crisis situations.

Also, people working as dispatch clerks need to possess considerable expertise in handling customers’ queries, making sure that they are kept aware of the progress of their deliveries.

As a dispatch clerk, you will be expected to perform a lot of duties of billing, and paperwork, which is why it is imperative that you understand these two sides of the work.

When working in this position, it is crucial that you are organized, so that you can handle the many activities associated with the work profoundly.

Dispatch Clerk Duties & Responsibilities

• Receive orders from the supervisor to determine what is required in terms of dispatch work.

• Sort out dispatch orders according to timelines and locations and decide which riders to assign them to.

• Create work orders for dispatch riders and provide them with information on routes and timelines.

• Assist dispatch riders in determining short and safe routes to destinations, to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.

• Keep in constant contact with dispatch riders to ensure that they are on accurate routes, and will deliver on time.

• Supervise the loading and unloading of items from delivery trucks, ensuring that the right ones are loaded for delivery/dispatch purposes.

• Ensure that dispatch riders and drivers keep their delivery vehicles in good working condition.

• Track deliveries or dispatch riders to determine their specific locations, for the purpose of informing customers.

• Create and maintain logs of dispatch activities managed, and overseen during the shift, in sync with established procedures.