Light Duty Cleaner Resume Sample & Job Description

Updated on: March 10, 2023

A light duty cleaner may be hired in any type of environment such as commercial and residential buildings, businesses, and even hotels and restaurants. They ensure that the organization’s standards for cleanliness and sanitization are upheld at all levels. People working in this position do not really need to perform strenuous manual labor to handle cleaning activities.

No matter how many times you have written a resume for the cleaner position, the next one is always challenging to write.

In every resume you write, you have to change something in the content. Added skills and more experience are the two things that are most often changed when writing resumes. There may be more – you may have achieved high in your present job, the information of which will of course not be available in a previous resume. So rehashing an old resume to make a new one is very important, every time you apply for a new job.

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The following resume for a light-duty cleaner position will help you:

Light Duty Cleaner Resume Sample

Sam Rooney
Port Clinton, OH
(000) 101-9999
sam @ email . com

Light Duty Cleaner

Hardworking and exceptionally knowledgeable individual with extensive experience in handling light cleaning duties in assigned areas of corporate and residential buildings. A team player who has proven expertise in handling sanitizing procedures properly and performing preventative maintenance on cleaning equipment. Proficient in dusting and spot-wiping particular places such as elevators, escalators, stairs, and benches. Demonstrated ability to use floor maintenance machines and cleaning equipment. Adept at performing detailed cleaning work by ensuring that “no stone is unturned”. Deep knowledge of infection control protocols and disinfection procedures.

• Maintenance • Infection control
• Sanitation • Supplies inventory
• Replenishment • Trash disposal
• Grounds-keeping • Special events
• Stocking• Polishing • Chemical mixing
• Building Security

• Secured the building completely by suggesting the installation of CCTV cameras in each public access area, following a large-scale robbery
• Invented a herbal cleaning agent using kitchen ingredients, thereby decreasing cleaning liquid purchasing costs by 90%
• Singlehandedly cleaned and sanitized an entire floor consisting of 18 offices within 12 hours
• Suggested a safe trash disposal method that required minimal exposure to dangerous waste


Light Duty Cleaner
Bee Building Cleaning, Port Clinton, OH
6/2013 – Present
• Sweep and mop rooms, offices, lobbies, and waiting areas using designated equipment
• Dust and polish furniture using the correct quantities of furniture polish
• Spot clean walls, partitions, escalators, elevators, and benches
• Perform cleaning activities on glass partitions and chrome surfaces
• Wash and disinfect bathroom floors and fixtures
• Vacuum cloth furniture such as sofas and loungers and clean drapes and blinds
• Remove full garbage bags, and empty trash cans and ensure that waste is properly disposed of
• Restock single-unit dispensers with soap, towels, toilet paper, and sanitary napkins
• Ensure a constant supply of towels, soap, and tissue paper by keeping in contact with procurement officers
• Maintain inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment

Twenty-Two Services, Port Clinton, OH
1/2010 – 6/2013
• Assisted in cleaning premises by performing sweeping and mopping activities
• Dusted furniture in apartments, offices, and waiting areas
• Performed polishing activities on furniture and brass fixtures
• Helped in cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms
• Cleaned air ducts and blinds and assisted in handling minor repair and maintenance tasks

G.E.D | AA School, Port Clinton, OH

Light Duty Cleaner Job Description for Resume

Some of the duties that you will be performing in a light-duty cleaner position are provided in the list below. You can use these phrases in your resume.

  • Perform cleaning duties such as sweeping and mopping floors, and dusting furniture and fixtures
  • Vacuum carpeted areas and perform shampooing activities occasionally on carpets and curtains
  • Clean and disinfect fixtures and appliances in rooms, offices, lobbies, and kitchen areas
  • Wash bathrooms from top to bottom, using safe mixes of cleaning and sanitizing liquids
  • Clean door handles, walls, counters, and display boxes ensuring that no residue is left on any surface
  • Restock / replenish washrooms with paper towels, soaps, shaving kits, shampoo, and towels
  • Empty waste paper baskets in rooms, apartments, offices, and lobbies, and ensure that all waste is properly and safely disposed of
  • Reline garbage receptacles on a daily basis and ensure that any broken bins are disposed of and replaced
  • Clean kitchen cupboards from the inside and the outside and arrange items within them according to provided instructions
  • Wash windows and panels and ensure that doors are properly dusted and polished on a periodic basis
  • Stock closets with required supplies and communicate with procurement managers in case of low stock situations
  • Ensure that all cleaning equipment is properly maintained and stored at the end of the shift

Light Duty Cleaner Skills & Qualifications

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to work as a light duty cleaner.

Since you will be responsible for the overall reputation of the organization as far as cleanliness is concerned, you will need to work in a thorough manner.

Knowledge of common cleaning and sanitizing procedures and the ability to handle some measure of physical work is important if this is the work that you want to do.

The ability to communicate well with your peers, understand instructions and carry out work processes accordingly, and manage multiple tasks at the same time are areas that you will need to work on.

In addition, you will need to possess basic maintenance and repair skills and ensure that problems are resolved quickly so that they do not affect your work.