Domestic Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

Updated on March 22, 2018

Domestic cleaners usually work in a private capacity where their primary responsibility is to ensure that the house that is under their care is clean and tidy.

They are employed to perform many duties such as vacuuming, laundry, ironing, dishes and in some instances, they are also expected to babysit children.

Depending on the individual job description, domestic cleaners are expected to clean bathrooms, clean windows, polish silver, replace bulbs and even turn mattresses.

Whenever you send out a resume for a domestic cleaning job, a covering letter must accompany it. The purpose of a Domestic Cleaner Cover Letter is to personalize your resume for the specific employer and cleaning position and enable you to elaborate the aspects which cannot be defined in a resume.

A cover letter for Domestic Cleaner job should be a precise document. It should have three paragraphs: introduction, body, and closing. Refer to the example below to get a better idea.


Domestic Cleaner Cover Letter Example



290 Vista Drive
Riverton, WY 79390

March 22, 2018

Ms. Felicity Graham
Hiring Manager
ABC Cleaning Company
7663 High Cliff Avenue
Riverton, WY 68393


Dear Ms. Graham:

Cleaning someone’s house requires high morale and absolute confidence which is why it might be difficult to choose the right candidate for house cleaning position. However, your search will stop once you review my professional profile and references – which assure my reliability, commitment and work ethics. My considerable experience and expertise in cleaning and sanitation arena make me a strong candidate for a Domestic Cleaner position at ABC Cleaning Company.

As required, I am extremely skilled in performing assigned cleaning tasks and highly effective in employing safe practices. Moreover, I also know how much proportional mixing is needed to get the best results. Besides performing general cleaning tasks, I can operate most types of household equipment such as a dishwasher and washing machine and also well-versed in safe ironing practices.

My resume and references are enclosed for your review, and I’d welcome the opportunity for an interview. You can reach me at (000) 251-3262 or via email at [Email]. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.



Sara Sean

Enc. Resume