Cleaning skills can be just as significant as professional experiences to hiring managers. To prepare a skills section of a cleaner’s resume, you should:

➜ List your relevant jobs and professional activities performed in past

➜ Think of transferable skills you have developed from those experiences

➜ Group these skills into qualifications, strengths or special skills section of your resume

➜ Arrange skills statements in order of importance as required by employer

Following are some sample skills for a cleaner resume. You may use just 5-6 from these statements in the skills, strengths, abilities or qualifications section of your resume. Select most relevant statements as given in job advertisement.

Cleaner Skills / Strengths / Qualifications for Resume

• Highly skilled in cleaning and emptying waste containers, and eliminating debris from the premises to designated area

• Thorough understanding of using different tools and chemicals use in cleaning process

• Able to use detergents and chemicals in a safe way

• Competent at vacuuming rugs and carpeted areas

• Hands-on experience in emptying and cleaning ash tray and screening sand urns

• Proven record of sweeping and dusting mop floors, entrance areas and buff tile floor

• Able to hand dust and wipe clean all furnishings, fixtures, paneling, window sills and horizontal surfaces

• Demonstrated ability to wash, clean and sterilize all water coolers

• Comprehensive knowledge of policing stairwells and damping mop spillage

• Well-versed in dusting the external surfaces of lighting fixtures

• Knowledge of wipe cleaning and polishing all metal hardware fixtures and other bright work

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Dedicated and careful; high level of accuracy and attention to detail

• Bilingual: English and Spanish