Daycare Worker Resume Sample

Updated: July 9, 2020

Daycare workers are responsible for providing a safe and nurturing environment for children. This may include ensuring that they are nurtured and kept occupied in a manner that is conducive to their social and cognitive learning.

Employers tend to look more favorably at daycare worker resumes that highlight previous childcare experiences and insight into handling little children.

If you have attained some daycare training and are comfortable working with children, you may need to have a look at the following resume example.

This example will give you an idea of how to write one when applying for a daycare worker position.

Sample Resume for Daycare Worker

Christina Hansen
67 Salmon River Road, Caldwell, ID 72000
(000) 432-1021
chris.han @ email . com


Self-directed, resourceful, and enthusiastic daycare worker with 8+ years’ track record of fostering infants’ and toddlers’ cognitive and social skills. Strong passion for educating and motivating children, coupled with a great interest in creating a fun environment for children conducive to learning and growth. Known for building and maintaining effective professional relationships with others. A creative thinker who knows and respect the uniqueness and potential of children from different backgrounds. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Respectful environment creation
• Positive behavior reinforcement
• Engaging students in learning
• Documentation and paperwork
• Maintaining confidentiality
• Instruction planning and preparation
• Fostering independence
• Ensuring health and safety
• Crisis Management
• Positive work ethic

• Orchestrated individual children’s progress and improvement by initiating an interactive program.
• Developed and implemented a curriculum aimed at the physical development and agility of toddlers through light sports programs.
• Held several workshops on disciplining children through positive reinforcement.
• Trained five daycare workers to perform childcare duties following the company’s policies and rules of ethics.
• Established a standard for behavioral expectations, which resulted in a 100% success rate in teaching children the mechanics of co-existing.


Daycare Worker | 2009 – Present
Rainbow Kids, Caldwell, ID
• Confer with parents or guardians before child enrollment.
• Interview both parents and children to determine states of mind.
• Assist parents or guardians in the enrollment process.
• Provide induction to children through positive interaction.
• Develop and implement curriculum conducive to individual child’s caliber.
• Conduct self as a role model at all times.
• Direct children in performing activities aimed at social, cognitive, and educational growth.
• Manage children’s behavior problems.
• Implement behavior modification techniques.
• Assist children in changing and eating.

Babysitter | 2007 – 2009
Mrs. John’s Family, Caldwell, ID
• Supervised three toddlers in indoor and outdoor activities.
• Provided support for bathing, cleaning, and feeding.
• Devised plans to occupy children through games and educational materials.
• Oversaw children’s television watching activities.
• Helped children get ready for bed and read them bedtime stories.

City School, Caldwell, ID – 2005
High School Diploma


“Her enthusiasm for teaching and nurturing children along with projecting positive energy is a great asset …”

“A nurturing individual with a kind heart and positive attitude which has gone a long way in handling my children and providing them with the social skills that they will be grateful for, for the rest of their lives …”

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