Daycare Worker Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on November 4, 2015


Describing just your duties in a resume is not enough. When you use accomplishments as a sales tool, you sell yourself better than you can with mere job duties. How is an accomplishment written? It is not too difficult: an accomplishment is basically a result of your actions that spell benefits for the company that you are working for.

To be honest, accomplishments need not be written in a dramatic way. They can be written in a simple manner. Aside from writing accomplishments from scratch, there is another way of writing them, and that is by converting your job duties into accomplishments. Instead of writing taught a lesson on family trees, you can write encouraged students to learn about cultural heritage by creating a family tree lesson. They both say the same thing basically but do you notice the difference? The difference is that the former simply states a fact and the latter tells you that something major happened when you created the lesson.

Here are a few frameworks for describing your accomplishments:

• Results that were achieved by you based on something you did
• Action that you took in response to a problem or a challenge
• Problem that you faced and how you overcame it

With these three in front of you, you can create a good number of accomplishments for one position. Although you may not need to write more than three or four accomplishments in one resume, you might want to look through the following to give you an idea of how they are written:

Sample Accomplishments Daycare Worker Resume

• Implemented a child care program that made provisions for children with special needs
• Streamlined teaching methods by encouraging daycare teachers to indulge in constant training programs
• Created, developed and implemented a series of daycare programs that completely met the physical, social, intellectual and cognitive needs of the children
• Developed schedules and routines which created a sound balance between study and play
• Wrote a series of articles on child care in day care centers which were published in The Daily Care for Children magazine
• Introduced Nutrition First, a health initiative undertaken to ensure that children enrolled in the daycare are fed nutritious food
• Surpassed daycare management’s expectations by increasing the enrollment of students into its daycare program by 65%
• Redesigned and implemented the daycare curriculum which brought about increased student response and learning
• Trained 3 groups of daycare workers in planning class direction and implementing lessons in sync with the institute’s directives