Assistant Chef Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 25, 2022

The sole purpose of writing an Assistant Chef cover letter is to answer the employer’s question, that is:

What makes you the ideal candidate for this job?

Don’t just start your cover letter haphazardly.

Instead, use each part of your cover letter smartly to address the same.


The introduction, as the title suggests, must introduce your candidacy. This is going to be your first impression.

Consider what you want it to be like. It could be classy, catchy, or very professional depending on the nature of the firm you are applying at.

Main body

This is the court where you build and present your case. What makes you a strong candidate? State what you offer here.


The closing is as important as the beginning. In the last paragraph, mention the value you’d be adding to the firm. Also, outline how and when you intend to follow up on the application.

Below is an assistant chef cover letter sample built on the above guidelines.

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Assistant Chef Cover Letter Example

Martin Lee
708 Unity Ave
Atlanta, GA 73002
(005) 333 – 2222
martin . lee @ email . com

June 25, 2022

Mr. Benjamin Harold
HR Manager
709 Tosco Street
Atlanta, GA 73002

Dear Mr. Harold:

I am excited to apply for an Assistant Chef position at the Hyatt. The parallels between ypur job description and my qualifications are striking and qualify me well.

The following qualifications make me an excellent contender:

  • More than a decade of experience in assisting chefs.
  • Profound knowledge of hygiene and sanitation standards and guidelines applicable to commercial kitchens.
  • Skilled in operating kitchen appliances effectively and safely.
  • Proven ability to maintain an effective supplies inventory.
  • Knack for recipe development, division, and multiplication of ingredients to produce the exact desired quantity of prepared food.

I am a proactive thinker who is always on my feet. As a chef assistant, I bring a judgment sense, which renders me very well versed in anticipating the Chef’s needs and catering most of the time without being asked to.

At my previous workplace, I have an established reputation for cutting the most exceptional salads and making the neatest sandwiches. Similarly, Hyatt Int’l would benefit significantly from my unique garnishing skills complemented by a deep understanding of the basic flavors of seven diverse cuisines of the world.

I will call your office next Friday to confirm your interest in my candidacy and to answer any queries you may have regarding my qualifications or experience.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to meeting with you for an interview.


Martin Lee