Photographers take and process still and motion photos for personal or commercial use. They work in many industries including newspapers, magazines, architecture and even on freelance projects. There are many types of photographers including wedding, forensic, wildlife and nature, and commercial photographers alike. They all perform the same job but within different surroundings. When writing […]

Journeyman electricians perform duties akin to preventive maintenance and regular maintenance on electricity control systems. They work with wires and conduits to ensure that everything is placed in a safe working manner and is in good working order. They also repair problems with the wiring and electronic contraptions in order to ensure that no accidents […]

General Motors – more commonly known as GM – is a multinational automotive company of the USA. It produces cars and trucks and sells its services through many brands such as Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Opel and Vauxhall amongst many more. There are many positions that you can apply for at GM because it is a huge conglomerate […]

Being a biologist is very interesting work. If you have an interest in biology and a degree to support your interest, you might want to work as a biologist. A biologist is responsible for studying different life forms in order to determine their relation with the environment. Depending on their area of study, biologists may […]

A work day in a firefighter’s life will consist of combating fires engendered by arson, natural disasters or accidents. These are highly trained professionals who provide fire suppressing services and may also aid paramedics in their activities and attempts to save victims of fires. Firefighters are required to possess a high school diploma at the […]

A resume for electrician position is the most important tool for anyone looking for a new job or changing his/her current job. For electricians, whose work and relevant expertise determines their candidacy, a compelling resume can wonderfully work to get their dream job. An electrician’s resume is one to two pages document containing different sections […]

Position Overview BPOs or business processing outsourcing is when a company hires another company to manage part of its activities at a cost. This may include outsourcing customer services, payroll or even human resources. There are many positions that a person can work in at a BPO. Let us look at a resume example of […]