6 Concession Stand Cashier Interview Questions & Answers

Updated on: March 7, 2022

An interview for a concession stand cashier position will focus on your knowledge and ability to handle POS systems at events.

However, cash handling is not all that you will be doing.

In fact, your work will include much more.

Since it is important for recruiters to hire the best concession stand cashier out there, you have to focus on your knowledge of the work.

Interviewers will want to know what makes you tick.

Also, they will ask questions to determine what your food preparation and customer service abilities are.

Here is a set of concession stand cashier interview questions and answers:

Concession Stand Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

1. What made you decide to work as a concession stand cashier?

I enjoy the hub-hub of events, which is the main reason I chose to work as a concession stand cashier. However, this is not all that I am capable of doing. I have always had a knack for handling cash. Mixing the two is what made me work in this position.

2. Tell us briefly what duties you have performed in the role of a concession stand cashier?

As a concession stand cashier, I have been busy performing many duties such as selling food items, processing payments, and tendering change.

Additionally, my duties included balancing cash drawers, as well as ensuring that any discrepancies were handled in a proper manner.

3. What skills do you possess which make you an excellent concession stand cashier?

I am a jack of all trades and even a master of few. Apart from the ability to handle cashiering services, I am well-versed in preparing food items. Upselling is another one of my skills, which has brought in a lot of revenue.

Also, I am proficient in creating and maintaining effective liaisons with customers so that they provide repeat business.

4. What is the one achievement that you are proud of?

As a concession stand cashier, I have many achievements to my name. However, if I have to pinpoint one, it will be the time when I managed a discrepancy worth $5000 for another concession stand cashier, hence saving him from being fired.

5. How do you handle pressure?

I am a well-organized individual, which means that I almost never have to think about pressure.

6. What are your future aims?

Within the next few years, I hope to have my own company that deals in concession stands provision to events.

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