Private Sitters help individuals with everyday living activities at the client’s home.

Duties of a Private Sitter at a place of residence may include housekeeping, making beds, doing laundry, washing dishes, and arranging meals. They might work under the supervision of a Field Supervisor.

To obtain this position, you should write an impressive cover letter and resume using the example below.



Private Sitter Resume Sample


Sara Anderson

541 Some Ave, Los Angeles, CA 54121
(000) 222.8777, sara @ email . com

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as a private sitter at ABC Company utilizing personal care and housekeeping skills.

• Six months of hands-on experience working as a private sitter
• Good understanding of body mechanics and transfer procedures
• Vigorous, emotionally stable and physically fit
• Demonstrated ability to read, write, understand and perform directions and instructions
• Ability to write and record messages and information in addition to keeping records
• Possess a valid Work Permit
• Responsive to people’s feelings, requirements and beliefs
• Committed and reliable in accepting and implementation of assignments


Senior Solutions at Home – Tennessee | Jan 2017 – Present
Patient Sitter
• Perform basic housekeeping duties
• Prepare food, wash dishes and perform laundry
• Arrange and maintain records of client development and services performed
• Conduct safety inspections all through the work day

Senior Solutions at Home – Tennessee | Oct 2016 – Jan 2017
Part-time Private Duty Sitter/ Caregiver
• Identified unsafe conditions and took corrective actions as required
• Reported incidents or injuries to supervisor without delay
• Integrated safe behaviors into every day work life
• Demonstrated proper body mechanics in all situations


Diploma: City School, Los Angeles, CA – 2010

Certified Nursing Aide California

CPR Certification – 2011

• Superb customer service and compassionate care skills
• Able to reassure equipment malfunctions are reported to the proper contact
• Attention to detail
• Able to obey safety policy and procedures including typical precautions
• Ability to carry out assigned work in a opportune and productive manner