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Updated April 6, 2022
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Position Overview

A caregiver is a broad term for professionals who provide personal as well as emotional support to those who cannot look after themselves. 

Depending on their particular work setting, they usually offer non-medical services to children and older adults.

The work of a caregiver is challenging, to say the least.

Apart from physical work such as carrying or lifting their clients, this job also requires emotional stability.

Working with the elderly is difficult as they need a lot of emotional support, especially in cases of people who have diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. Caregivers need to use tact and work patiently with their clients.

Another critical point is that caregivers are often required to live with the person they are providing care to. Live-in Caregivers are required to perform housekeeping jobs such as dusting, washing, ironing, and cooking.

A significant part of their work involves preparing meals as per doctors’ instructions. That is to say; it is essential for them to understand the nutritional needs of the elderly.

As the experience section is the most crucial part of a caregiver’s resume, therefore you will need to write it cautiously.

The following job description statements are specifically designed to help applicants write a resume for a caregiver job.

Sample Job Description for Caregiver Resume

Job Description for Elderly Caregiver Resume

• Assist clients in the activities of daily living, such as toileting, bathing, and grooming.

• Perform light housekeeping tasks, for instance, cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming.

• Make beds regularly and change linen whenever required.

• Engage clients in physical as well as mental exercises as prescribed by their doctors.

• Accompany clients to doctors and physical therapists.

• Provide continuous companionship by lending an ear or a shoulder to lean on.

• Engage patients and clients in outdoor activities such as walking and light sports.

• Prepare food or oversee the preparation of food while ensuring hygiene standards.

• Perform laundry and ironing tasks.

• Run errands such as grocery shopping, bills payment, and mail handling.

• Maintain a safe and clean environment.

• Dispose of garbage on a daily basis.

• Help clients to take medicines by providing appropriate reminders.

• Administer medication only upon doctor’s orders.

• Observe the elderly for signs of deterioration or concern

• Report the patient’s to the family or doctor on an immediate basis.

• Maintain the record of the client’s activities, behavior, and symptoms for reference purposes.

Job Description for Child Caregiver Resume

• Oversee the activities of children while providing ongoing care to them.

• Bathe and dress children, as well as change diapers for infants.

• Prepare formulas and bottle-feed infants as instructed.

• Plan, prepare, and serve hygienic and nutritious meals to children.

• Clean and sanitize the children’s room as well as a play area.

• Take children to and from school, parks, and appointments.

• Maintain a healthy and clean environment in the home.

• Organize and take part in children’s activities such as games, crafts, reading, and outings in order to amuse and exercise them.

• Observe and record children’s behavior.

• Make reports for caregiving, home care, or babysitting agency.

• Keep a record of everyday activities as well as health information regarding each child.

• Teach children personal hygiene and social development.

• Participate in the emotional well-being of children.

• Discipline children in keeping with the methods requested by the parents.

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