Direct Care Assistant Skills for Resume

Updated on: September 13, 2019

Unless you are a skilled individual, you may not be considered for a direct care assistant role.

Skills information must be placed in a resume so that the hiring manager can figure out what you are worth to him or her.


Skills are an important part of being considered for a direct care assistant position. At this position, you will be given a lot of responsibility which will be emotionally and physically exhausting. Therefore, it is up to you to show it to the hiring manager that you are the right person to hire.

In the skills section of your resume for a direct care assistant position, make sure that you focus on your knowledge of providing high-quality personal services to assigned patients.

The way in which you word your statements will go a long way in helping hiring managers decide in your favor. But do make sure that you do not write your job duties instead of skills, as these can often be confused.

Here is how you can write skills statements for a direct care assistant position:

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Direct Care Assistant Skills for Resume

• Unmatched ability to determine patients’ specific needs in keeping with primary care plans.

• Demonstrated expertise in providing personal assistance such as help with toileting, grooming, washing, and bathing.

• Effectively able to assist with mobility, in order to ensure that patients remain active.

• Deeply familiar with overseeing required rehabilitation exercises.

• Well-versed in teaching developmentally disabled patients on how to adopt basic independent living skills.

• Highly skilled in preparing and serving meals that are in correlation with set dietary plans.

• Proven ability to administer medication, or ensure that patients take prescribed medicines on time.

• Solid track record of handling household tasks such as cleaning and laundry.

• Proficient in helping patients with developmental disorders to make budgets and handle basic household tasks.

• Adept at providing physical as well as emotional support to patients.

• Competent in meeting with family members in order to discuss patients’ physical and emotional needs.

• Qualified to run errands such as shopping and paying bills.

• Demonstrated ability to develop meaningful relationships with patients in order to ensure trust-building.

• Highly experienced in helping patients secure and manage their healthcare.

• Exceptionally talented in scheduling appointments with doctors and therapists.

• Focused on delivering exceptional personal and emotional care at all times.

• Skilled in observing and reporting patients’ conditions to healthcare professionals.

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