Assistant Basketball Coach Resume Sample

Updated on: September 13, 2019

At the time of writing a resume for an assistant basketball coach, make sure that you pick out the right format.

This will ensure that the information that you provide is of the right type.


Making sure that your resume offers information that the hiring manager actually wants is imperative.

As far as the position of an assistant basketball coach is concerned, your resume should sing praises for your ability to handle the many tasks associated with the work. For instance, your knowledge of, and expertise in providing instruction to players must be highlighted.

To see what you can write in your resume for this position, have a look at the following sample:


Assistant Basketball Coach Resume Sample


Chuck Norris
628 Heat Road, Arlington, VA56002
(000) 999-9999


Results-oriented Assistant Basketball Coach with exceptional interest in basketball. Proficient in ensuring that players achieve a high level of skills in basketball. Unmatched ability to teach appreciation for the values of discipline and sportsmanship.

• Successfully trained a team for basketball playoffs; as a result, won 3 trophies in 1 year.
• Implemented a series of strategic moves, hence, increased the team’s winning chances by 70%.
• Introduced a player evaluation system, which was 50% more accurate than the one already in use.
• Coached 15 teams in a span of 6 years, receiving commendation for excellent coaching services.

• Player Recruitment
• Game Preparation
• Moves Review
• Strategy Development
• Training and Development
• Sportsmanship Assurance
• Rules Enforcement
• Talent Recognition


Assistant Basketball Coach
Gilbert Public Schools, Arlington, VA | 2015-present

• Engage prospective participants in conversation in order to determine their interest in basketball
• Conduct playoffs to pick and choose which players can be recruited
• Assists in coaching players in order for them to learn the game
• Enforce rules and regulations of basketball, and ensure that they are followed
• Check player strategy, and provide instructions on modification when necessary
• Oversee and monitor players to make sure that they perform well
• Handle onsite emergencies such as accidents, by administering CPR and First Aid
• Evaluate players according to set protocols

Assistant Basketball Coach
Little Leaguers, Arlington, VA | 2011-2015

• Showed children the ins and outs of basketball
• Dribbled basketball in order to assist children in understanding the procedure
• Communicated basketballrules and regulations
• Oversaw gameplay, ensuring children’s safety at all times
• Assessed each child’s playing prowess, and provided correlating assistance

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education
Virginia State University, Arlington, VA – 2009

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