Cover Letter for Care Coordinator

Updated on: September 6, 2019

How to Write Cover Letter for Care Coordinator?

• Keep it short while highlighting relevant details.

• Mention your potential, supported by experience.


• Reflect ample knowledge of the prospective company.

• Show what makes the candidate a perfect fit for the Care Coordinator job.

• Check for typos and grammatical errors.

Have a look at the sample given below to get a better idea.




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Sample Cover Letter for Care Coordinator Resume


Nora Jones
540 Canyon Sq, Dallas, TX 65002 
(003) 555-9565
nora @ email . com

September 6, 2019

Mr. Jeremy Sheldon
HR Manager
Baylor Healthcare System
87 Harvest Lane
Dallas, TX 65002


Dear Mr. Sheldon:

As a sympathetic and organized professional, I am applying for a Care Coordinator job at Baylor Healthcare System.

As can be seen on the attached resume, I have been delivering commendable patient care coordination services at various renowned healthcare institutes over the past decade. This experience has enabled me to identify patient’s social, medical, financial and daily life support needs.

I offer the following core competencies:

• Assisting the doctors in diagnostic testing.
• Communicating the treatment plan and follow up schedules to patients.
• Practiced in monitoring the hygienic conditions of medical settings.
• Skilled in keeping track of and coordinating health care promotional activities.

Fully aware of healthcare coordination standard operations and protocols, I excel in developing individualized care plans, conducting psychosocial health assessments and presenting complex cases for review at the medical board meetings.

The breadth of my expertise covers a wide range of responsibilities, thereby, providing me with in depth insight of healthcare delivery and coordination.

I strongly believe that my qualifications will strengthen your department further. I would appreciate an opportunity to meet you and discuss the vacancy in detail. Please contact me at (003) 555-9565 to set up an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Nora Jones