Carer Cover Letter Sample

Carer is a very rewarding position that’s why the competition for the job is very high. To get an interview, you need to supplement your resume with an awesome cover letter. Remember relevant cover letters are appealing while irrelevant ones are a mere waste of time.

Following is a cover letter checklist that might come in handy as you write your carer cover letter:

• The first paragraph conveys your career objective loud and clear
• The letter has a professional format and layout
• The main body relates your profile to the job
• Enthusiasm is instilled in the letter throughout
• The letter does not contain salary demand unless asked by the employer
• The language is simple and easily comprehendible

Here is a carer cover letter sample to give you some valuable ideas as you write your own.

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Carer Cover Letter Sample


Joyce Jacob
650 Jasmine Ave
Ohio, TX 45002
T: (009) 444-3333
E: joyce @ email . com

June 28, 2014

Mr. Kevin Peterson
HR In Charge
Old Age Care Facility
744 Flagship Lane
Ohio, TX 45002


Dear Mr. Peterson:

Do you seek a carer for your newly built facility in Ohio who is:

• Compassionate, reliable and trained in personal assistance?
• Experienced in personal care giving?
• Upbeat courteous and client centered?

If so, seek no more. My resume is enclosed for consideration.

I read your job advertisement yesterday at indeed and was excited to find out that my profile is in tune with your requirements for the position:

Your Requirements My Qualifications
➜ Experience in personal care.Hands on experience in providing personal care and companionship to the elderly and terminally ill persons.
➜ Skilled in cooking, feeding and housekeeping tasks.Adept at housekeeping, cooking meals as per special dietary consideration and feeding the clients.
➜ Related certification.CPR and First Aid Certified.
➜ Driver’s license.Valid driver’s license holder with clean driving record, owner of a reliable vehicle.

Furthermore, my rapport building skills render me an ideal candidate to work with the elderly. My previous employer will also verify my exceptional interpersonal and remarkable companionship skills.

I would like to discuss the position with you in detail. To suit the purpose I will call you coming Friday to implore a convenient date and time for interview. I am available at (009) 444-3333 to answer any queries you might have for me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Joyce Jacob

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