Care Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 13, 2020

Care management positions require solid knowledge of the patient liaison and resource management work. That is why it is imperative for care manager applicants to write well-placed cover letters.

In particular, a care manager cover letter should include the applicant’s knowledge of creating and updating personalized care plans. The ability to identify and recruit high-quality healthcare providers should also be highlighted in your cover letter.


Moreover, your letter needs to be spot on with the hiring manager’s needs. If the prospective employer is looking for someone who can educate patients, make sure that you highlight past experience in patient education. And so on.

The following cover letter sample written especially for a care manager position can be referred to in order to gain ideas:

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Care Manager Cover Letter Sample



Jane Goodman
(000) 778-3102
[email protected]

January 13, 2020

Mr. Robert Mason
Human Resources Manager
Centene Health
1019 Yellow Road
Dallas, TX 41210


Dear Mr. Mason:

When I saw your advertisement for a Care Manager position at Centene Health, I found that the match between your needs and my qualifications is perfect! In view of this, I would like to invite you to consider the attached resume.

With a blended background that shines in care management and oversight, there is every chance that I can bring genuine value to your future health provision initiatives. I say this with such confidence because I have the following qualifications to offer:

• Solid track record of collaborating with health providers and practice staff to identify appropriate patients for care management
• Focused on formulating and implementing care management plans which address patients’ identified needs
• Qualified to perform initial and periodic assessments for care managed population
• Highly skilled in evaluating the efficacy of care management plans in meeting established goals

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated my ability to identify and effectively utilize community resources to meet patients’ needs. Initiating care conferences to discuss multidisciplinary team responsibilities, and patient progress is a particular strength of mine. In addition, I am competent in collaborating with healthcare team members to include inpatient facilities and determine and complete appropriate referrals.

I would be pleased to have the opportunity to set up an in-person meeting so that we can discuss your needs, and how I might be able to meet them in a care manager role. I will follow up with you in a few days – in the meantime, you are welcome to contact me at (000) 778-3102.




Jane Goodman




Care Manager cover letters have to have an upbeat tone that tells the reader that the writer is confident, enthusiastic and a go-getter. Creating a compelling document takes time but time is something that you must invest to get better results.

A well-written Care Manager Cover Letter is important because it:

1. Makes a good first impression
2. Puts focus on the needs of the employer
3. Sells your passion and not just your skills
4. Impress your audience
5. Indicates that you can perform exceptionally well