Medical Billing Coordinator Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 6, 2022
Medical Billing Coordinator

Medical billing coordinators work in hospitals and clinics to perform daily accounting and insurance-related activities to meet the facility’s billing demands.

They ensure that accurate billing is managed for services rendered by the facility and audit billing systems to ensure accuracy.

They also assist with medical billing activities such as posting charges and assigning appropriate codes.

Medical billing coordinators also ensure that all patients’ claims are appropriately managed by submitting them in a time-efficient manner.

They record data and post transactions applying strict attention to detail. Medical billing coordinators are also expected to follow up on claims to ensure that they are being paid and monitor claims that remain unpaid and initiate tracers.

In the event of a claim being denied, it is their responsibility to resubmit the claim.

When you write a resume or a cover letter for the position of a medical billing coordinator, you will need first to understand what this position requires of you.

Following are some job duties that a medical billing coordinator is expected to perform.

Job Description for Medical Billing Coordinator Resume

• Prepare patients’ billing statements and ensure that they are sent to them promptly
• Review patients’ billing statements to ensure the accuracy of information
• Assist in evaluating patients’ financial status and devise payment plans
• Follow up on delinquent accounts and ensure payments where possible
• Perform collection actions by calling patients
• Submit claims and resubmit denied claims
• Ensure processing of payments from insurance companies
• Prepare daily deposit activities
• Maintain payment status and billing records
• Perform data entry activities
• Prepare reports and perform analysis of billing documents
• Document transactions appropriately
• Track and resolve billing discrepancies
• Activate and deactivate patients’ accounts upon request
• Work with healthcare providers, patients, and insurance companies to ensure timely payment of bills
• Verify patients’ insurance coverage
• Perform appeals on denied claims
• Manage accounts receivable reports
• Answer questions and resolve problems regarding medical billing activities
• Use a variety of medical billing software to post charges
• Oversee and audit billing systems and operations to ensure accuracy
• Ensure that medical billing clerks are performing accurate data entry services
• Verify billing information posted
• Train medical billing clerks in performing data entry duties

Medical Billing Coordinator Qualifications

Medical billing coordinators need to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least.

Maintaining some information on medical billing and terminology can prove highly useful when performing the job duties associated with this position.