Legal Billing Specialist Job Description for Resume

Updated on: November 3, 2017

Position Overview

A legal billing specialist is hired by legal firms to provide assistance in handling legal billing services, aiming to ensure that all aspects of the system are properly managed. These individuals need to know much about the inner workings of billing work, in accordance with how it is supposed to be conducted in a legal environment.

Position Requirements

Although there isn’t any formal education requirements to work as a legal billing specialist, employers prefer to hire people who possess a bachelor’s degree at the very least, and have some experience of working in this capacity, within a law firm.

Knowledge of using and operating electronic billing systems, and e-billing vendor systems is important if this is the work that you want to do. Additionally, it will help if your verbal and written communication skills are excellent.

Working as a legal billing specialist is quite challenging, as you will be overseeing the work of billing associates and clerks, and you will be in constant contact with clients. Also, it will help immensely if your follow up skills are excellent, as you will be overseeing and performing a lot of follow up work to ensure that billing procedures are not compromised.

If you want to work as a legal billing specialist, the following list of duties will come in handy when you develop your resume:


Job Description for Legal Billing Specialist Resume


• Create, develop and implement core legal billing systems, and ensure that associates and clerks follow them properly.

• Collaborate with other departments to finalize and implement complex billing arrangements such as volume discounts and alternative fee arrangements.

• Assist in the preparation and facilitation of budgets and provide variance analysis to attorneys.

• Ascertain that periodic distribution of pre-bills are properly coordinated, and handle reviews and revisions as and when necessary.

• Monitor the completion of suggested revisions, ensuring that all invoices are timely prepared and sent out.

• Ascertain that all invoices comply with firm policies, and client guidelines.

• Complete and submit ad hoc billing requests out forward by clients, while remaining within the parameters of legal procedures.

• Resolve legal billing issues from both internal and external clients, and prepare correlating reports.

• Review legal invoices, and provide assistance in documenting and adjusting invoices according to specified instructions.

• Coordinate billing work, and assist in the collection of outstanding debits, through well-placed follow-up activities.

• Implement, maintain, and transmit electronic billing, and prepare, produce and finalize invoices for assigned accounts.

• Monitor accounts receivable reports, and update payment statuses pertaining to past due accounts.