Legal Billing Specialist Skills for Resume

Updated on: March 4, 2018

There are a dozen and one ways of communicating your skills to a hiring manager, but unfortunately, not all of them work well. What does work is if you put them all on a resume?

A resume has the capacity to organize your skills information in a structured manner, allowing hiring managers to delve deep into what your capabilities are. Doing it any other way may result in complications, especially where precise comprehension of your abilities is concerned.

Even though cover letters are all about your skills as well, there is very little chance that any other document apart from a resume can properly organize your skills information.

Your resume for a legal billing specialist job must host a skills section that is entirely focused. Four or so statements should be enough to communicate your worth to a hiring manager.

If you can write more, do so, but do not write too many, as you will risk boring the person reading them. Be very particular about what you write. Anything that does not highlight you as an excellent candidate for a job must be skipped. Making sure that your skills are gelled with the demands of the hiring manager is essential.

Looking through job descriptions, especially the one that has been provided by the hiring manager is important. Once you know first-hand what he or she wants, you can easily tweak your skills statements to the demands of the hiring manager

Go through the following skills statements to determine how you can write yours for the position of a legal billing specialist:


Sample Skills for Legal Billing Specialist Resume


• Highly experienced in compiling attorney hours and billing them to clients on a periodic basis.

• Effectively able to review and edit pre-bills in response to attorney requests.

• Demonstrated expertise in applying retainer funds by following attorney’s orders and facility protocols.

• Deep familiarity with handling a large volume of bills each month ensuring maintenance of integrity for all of them.

• Proficient in researching and responding to inquiries regarding bills and invoices.

• Adept at coordinating efforts with internal and external agents to resolve billing issues and problems.

• Exceptionally well-versed in preparing reports and materials to track bills and invoices.

• Proven ability to create and maintain liaison with attorneys, clients and staff members to submit legal bills using a wide variety of approved methods.

• Effectively oversees the work of legal billing clerks and ensures that they are working according to the protocols of the firm.