Billing Analyst Resume Example

Updated on: December 12, 2021

A billing analyst is an individual who is hired in accounting departments to help with undertaking billing operations.

The work requires an individual to be exceptionally well-versed in handling accounting and finance transactions.

Working in this position means that you have to make sure that you are accurate in your calculations and that any billing discrepancies that may come your way are handled properly.

A good resume example can pave the way for you when you want to write your own.

Here is a sample that you can use to build your resume:

Billing Analyst Resume Example

William Blake
823 Mesa Road, Rogers, AR 18022
(000) 951-3652


Top-performing Billing Analyst with 19+ years’ extensive experience in managing billing and finance work. Competent in preparing client invoices following company procedures, and terms and conditions of the contract. Effectively reconcile billing entries, ensuring that any discrepancies are managed in a time-efficient manner.

• Introduced a novel billing system, which took 50% less time to handle dynamic calculations, than the one being used earlier.
• Implemented an invoice collection system, which focused on collecting aging invoices, deemed highly successful by the management.
• Streamlined the electronic billing system, making it 50% more efficient than before.
• Singlehandedly identified a discrepancy in the billing system, which had made it impossible to balance transactions.


Billing Analyst
CTDI, Rogers, AR               
Sep 2010 – present
• Generate timely and accurate client billing, and measure the delivery and interpret contracts.
• Calculate invoice amounts by ensuring that all billing procedures and protocols are followed.
• Maintain records of both current and historical order data and delivery reporting.
• Ensure that all customer invoices are in accordance with assigned customer contract requirements.
• Monitor assigned client contracts to ensure that billing activities remain within the outlined parameters.
• Plan and implement quality assurance for assigned billing processes, ensuring that QA metrics are adhered to.
• Collect and post deposits and prepayments to the assigned billing system, ensuring that accuracy is kept a priority.
• Receive and respond to inbound billing-related queries by clients and department managers.

Billing Officer
Construction Inc., Rogers, AR           
May 2002 – Sep 2010
• Created and maintained billing records in accordance with company policies and procedures.
• Created bills for each client, and ensured that they are provided with follow-ups.
• Performed activities to ensure that aging bills and invoices are paid, by providing reminders to clients.
• Collected all information required to calculate bills, including order amounts and discount rates.
• Issued clients’ billing statements as of and when requested, or on an annual basis.

Bachelor’s Degree, Accounting & Finance
Rogers University, Rogers, AR     

– Invoicing
– Financial Analysis
– Reports Generation
– Records Management
– Transactions Oversight
– Data Entry
– Electronic Billing Systems
– Error Management
– Discrepancy Handling
– Client Liaison
– Expense Reimbursement
– Aging Invoices Collection