When writing a cover letter for a Bartending resume, you should focus on your most relevant and strong skills rather than flaunting all of your qualifications or the story of the whole life.

Use simple language and expressions and mix related buzzwords in the phrases to keep your reader interested.

In the content of your cover letter, direct the reader to your enclosed resume so that they will be able to know more about your skills and experiences, and eventually call you for an interview.

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Sample Cover Letter for Bartender Resume


Ben Villarreal

2300 Manana Drive, Dallas, TX 75220
(012) 000-2456, ben @ email . com

June 26, 2016

Mr. Nathan Hoxworth
Recruitment Head
Dave and Buster’s
8021 Walnut Hill Lane
Dallas, TX 75231


Dear Mr. Hoxworth:

Your recent advertisement of a Bartender position caught my attention because your requirements closely complement my qualifications and experiences. The way you have build the ad shows how professional and dedicated Dave & Buster’s staff is, the notion of which has filled me with excitement to apply for this position.

As you will note from the enclosed resume, I love working in a fast-paced and multicultural bar setting. I work diligently and create a friendly and fun bar environment so that patrons enjoy their favorite food and beverages.

Following are highlights of my relevant skills and experiences:

Customer Service: Through 5+ years’ progressive experience as a bartender, I developed strong customer service and hospitality skills.

Mixology: Using my talent in mixology, I will be able to serve guests in the most efficient way. Moreover, I am completely aware of all State and Federal laws of bartending.

Cash Handling: Demonstrated ability to operate Micros making change, accurately conducting cash/credit card transactions and have a demonstrated ability to manage cash drawer.

Organization: Special talent for cleaning and organizing bar and dining areas.

I would like to meet with you in person to discuss this position in detail. I will pursue my job application by calling your office next week. If you need more information regarding my qualifications, you may contact me on my cell phone at (012) 000-2456 or via email at ben@ email . com.

Thanks a lot for your consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon in an interview.


Truly yours,

Ben Villarreal