Private Duty Caregiver Cover Letter Sample + 7 Tips

Updated on: March 29, 2021

Cover letters for private duty caregiver resume not only complement your resume by also add a personal touch. They also work on the mechanics of telling, enticing, impressing, and showing.

What is the purpose of writing a cover letter for a private duty caregiver job?

A private caregiver cover letter: 

  1. Tells the hiring manager the type of position that you are looking for and provide the objective of your resume.
  2. Entices the recruiter to learn more about you by focusing his or her attention on your resume
  3. Impresses the hiring manager by showcasing your knowledge of the company that you derived through thorough research.
  4. Shows the hiring manager that you can express yourself well

How to Write a Professional Cover Letter for a Private Caregiver Position? 

The following 8 tips will help you in writing a great cover letter:

  1. Learn about the organization before you begin writing. You should know about the company’s goals and missions.
  2. Pay special attention to the language used to describe the company and use the same wherever possible.
  3. Consider which skills you have that are relevant to the employer’s needs.
  4. Write a draft that articulately spells out how you are a good match and why you should be considered.
  5. Do not use a “to whom it may concern” header in a cover letter. Instead, address it to a particular person. Make a phone call or send an email to find out who will be reviewing your cover letter.
  6. Write in a professional and confident manner.
  7. Proofread more than once to make sure that no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes are evident.
  8. Limit your cover letter to one page.

When you follow these, a private duty caregiver cover letter will look something like this:

Private Duty Caregiver Cover Letter Sample

March 29, 2021

Mr. Arthur Green
Hiring Manager
Integrity Home Care
59 Madison Avenue
Newark, NJ 36473

Dear Mr. Green:

With reference to the job advertisement, you placed in The Class Ads, I am applying for the Private Duty Caregiver job at Integrity Home Care.

I offer the following skills in the capacity of a private caregiver:

  • Daily administration of medicine
  • Assisting with personal care and hygiene
  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Helping promote social and physical activities
  • Transporting to and from scheduled appointments
  • Reporting any unusual incidents
  • A pleasant and supportive companion
  • Known to act quickly and responsibly in cases of emergency
  • Performing light housekeeping duties and laundry

Moreover, I am able to live on-site and travel when required. Not to mention, I am a non-smoker, pet/dog friendly, and possess a valid driver’s license.

I will contact you next week to determine if your schedule will allow us to meet at your earliest convenience to discuss this further. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ethel Graham