Entry Level Baker Cover Letter With No Experience

Updated on: May 5, 2021
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Experience is a great friend when you are about to write a cover letter to apply for a beginner baker job.

When an employer sees that the person writing the cover letter has had exposure in a certain area that is important to the job in question, he does not blink an eye while reading it. And of course, you never have to worry about filling space during the writing process.

How to Write a Baker Cover Letter When You Have No Experience in Hand?

If you are a fresh graduate, you still have a lot to talk about. For instance, an employer may be quite interested in what you have learned as opposed to what you have done.

Many employers do not mind hiring people at the entry-level – in fact, in most organizations, hiring fresh graduates is a necessity. So if you do not have the experience, you will still get a job!

Everyone starts somewhere. You can start right here by looking through this new baker cover letter sample and using it to create your own.

No Experience Baker Cover Letter Sample

Sinead Cooper
5286 6th Street
Sheldon, ND 12410
(000) 333-1201

May 5, 2021

Mr. Kyle Turnball
Hiring Manager
The Dessert Directory
96 57th Street SE
Sheldon, ND 77002

Dear Mr. Turnball:

During the time that I was perusing my Bachelor’s Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts from the Sheldon Culinary School, I was provided exposure to many real-time baking environments, including a short stint at the World Master Baker program, presently running on Planet America. This exposure coupled with the intense bachelor’s course that I was enrolled in, makes me a great contender to work as Baker for The Dessert Directory.

Not only am I confident in my ability to perform regular baking activities (cakes, rolls, bread, and cookies), I am exceptionally well-versed in rolling fondant and whipping up the right consistency of buttercream. If you go through my profile, you will discover that I was part of the baking team that created the 52lb Game of Thrones-themed cake, which won the Most Creative Cake Award on World Master Baker!

With an ardent interest in handling the baking end of The Dessert Directory and background to prove that I can actually manage it.

Owing to exceptional training in baking, I am positive that you will find me to be a good contender for the job. I will be in touch with your office to ask for a mutually convenient time for an interview so that I will be able to provide you with a demonstration. If you require any further information from me before the interview, please call at (000) 333-1201.

Thank you for your time and cosideraton.


Sinead Cooper

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