Top 7 Public Area Attendant Objectives for Resume

Updated on: June 27, 2023

Writing an objective statement for a public area attendant resume will require you to be passionate about the work. Since the objective is the first section of your resume, it needs to be written well.

In a public area attendant objective, you have to highlight information regarding your ability to clean and maintain public areas such as hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, corridors, and public bathrooms.

The objective statement should be crisp and clear, emphasizing your ability to perform physical work. Focusing on your customer service abilities and mentioning prior experience in this capacity will prove to be beneficial.

Moreover, you need to highlight your accomplishments (where possible) in an objective.

Although there isn’t a lot of space, you do need to ensure that your skills and abilities as a public area attendant are focused on.

Here are some perfect examples of public area attendant resume objectives:

7 Best Public Area Attendant Resume Objective Examples

1. To contribute to Hyatt as a Public Area Attendant position by using my exceptional skills in cleaning as well as maintaining public areas.

2. Passionate public area attendant with strong expertise in replenishing bathroom supplies, handling trash disposal, and delivering items. Seeking a position at ABC Company to maximize guest service experience.

3. Detail-oriented Public Area Attendant looking for a position at The Hilton Hotel. Bringing skills in stacking and maintaining housekeeping carts, replenishing amenities, and reporting maintenance issues. Ability to repair and maintain loose wires and cleaning equipment.

4. Successful, diligent, and organized Public Area Attendant poised to contribute to ABC Company, utilizing skills in cleaning and servicing assigned areas, such as lobbies, restrooms, and vending areas. Expert at stripping and waxing floors, and polishing furniture and fixtures.

5. Public Area Attendant seeking a job at Collin Hilton to excellently clean, sanitize, and maintain assigned areas. Ability to oversee supplies inventory in order to ensure proper levels.

6. Resourceful, organized, and customer service-oriented individual, anticipating a Public Area Attendant position at the Hospitality Inn. Bringing skills in cleaning assigned public areas in order to keep them maintained at all times.

7. Experienced Public Area Attendant, eager to work for ABC Company using 4+ years of solid track record in cleaning and sanitizing work areas. Ability to inspect premises, and determine the need for repair and maintenance. 

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