Bell Attendant Resume Sample (Less or No Experience)

Updated on: July 17, 2020

Bell attendants work at hotels and resorts where their prime responsibility is to assist guests with room location and luggage.

This term was coined from the fact that guests would ring a bell when they needed assistance and a bell attendant would respond.

Let us see what a less experienced bell attendant needs to write in his resume when applying for a job in this capacity.

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Sample Resume for Bell Attendant With Less or No Experience

John Chris
9122 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA 62422
(000) 999-9999

Seeking a position as a Bell Attendant at Hilton Suites where I may be able to use my people skills to provide the best hospitality services to the hotel’s patrons.

• 2+ years of experience working as a Bell Attendant at Crown Resorts
• Highly skilled in anticipating guests’ needs and filling them effectively
• Functional knowledge of working in the hospitality industry
• In-depth know-how of creating positive guest relations and exceeding their requirements

• Attained the “Employee of the Year Award” following the provision of excellent services to the resort’s guest.
• Achieved commendation from a delegation of guests Spanish doctors thereby resulting in the recommendation for promotion.


Crown Resorts – Worcester, MA                     
2015 – Present
Bell Attendant
• Welcome guests as they arrive at the facility
• Assist guests with the location of rooms, service rooms and luggage
• Help guests with checking in and checking out activities
• Arrange for welcome drinks as guests arrive
• Assist staff in maintaining lobbies and lounge areas
• Run errands for the guests as and when needed
• Assist with room service and laundry deliveries as and when required

High School Diploma
Worcester High School, Worcester, MA

• Excellent communication and organizational skills
• Exceptional guest service orientation
• Ability to work across a multi-ethnic populace
• Excellent time management and multi-tasking skills