Compliance officers work in a number of settings, from healthcare to construction, where their prime goal is to ensure that all staff is working in a potentially safe and secure environment and to make sure conformity to federal and state regulations.

This job requires an individual to put forward his or her skills in managing this job effectively especially when writing a cover letter.

Let us see how a compliance officer will write a cover letter for their resume.


Sample Cover Letter for Compliance Officer Resume


2000 Carolina Avenue
Ewing, NJ 77888

May 16, 2016

Ms. Elizabeth Horn
Manager HR
3309 Somerset Street
Ewing, NJ 66623


Dear Ms. Horn:

I recently became aware of opening for a Compliance Officer position at Coke. With my quantitative skills and the ability to think and act independently, I am able to handle compliance issues of Coke.

Since I have worked in this capacity for over three years now, I am familiar with administration and development of compliance programs in general. Additionally, I possess the know-how of constructing following tests to monitor compliance and other tasks as an essential part of a company’s core. Moreover, I have the capability to recognize key risks and controls in order to manage compliance programs and can work independently with minimum of supervision.

By virtue of my education and experience in this regard, I am confident that I am well qualified for this position. I offer my resume as the first step and will call you in a few days to follow up and ask for an interview. I may be contacted at (000) 222-1201 if you would like to reach me in the meantime.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Cameron Diaz

Enc. Resume