Production Associate Job Description Sample

Updated on: July 9, 2022

Position Overview

The production world works successfully owing to the many people working towards making production activities successful.

An important position within the production world is that of a production associate who performs duties such as operating production line tools and equipment.

In this capacity, you will need to ensure that all the materials and equipment used in production work are handled properly, especially at the beginning of a shift or between changeovers.

Also, you will be required to create and submit reports of the production work managed within a workday and will also be responsible for completing daily production logs for record purposes.

Besides that, you will need to communicate with production staff to provide them with daily work duties and perform supervision activities to ensure that they work according to the protocols detailed in the work orders provided to them.

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Production Associate Duties and Responsibilities

• Ensure that production equipment, tools, and machinery are functional at all times.

• Start up production machinery at the beginning of each shift and ensure proper closing down at the end.

• Perform a variety of tasks aimed at equipment change-over.

• Make specific adjustments to production machinery to ensure quality control and efficiency of production work.

• Ensure that production work is performed by following standard operating procedures (SOPs) and job safety analysis.

• Operate forklifts to maintain material supplies for the production line.

• Perform a series of preventative and general maintenance tasks on production equipment and tools.

• Ensure that work areas are clean and maintained at all times so that the security of production workers is maintained.

• Measure ingredients and products accurately so that optimal levels of production can be met.

• Ensure that end products conform to the quality and quantity standards of the company.

• Make sure that a sufficient supply of ingredients is available for all production lines.

• Coordinate efforts with production and warehouse workers to ensure safe loading of finished products onto forklifts and delivery vehicles.

• Weigh and store finished products and ensure that all pertinent information is recorded in logs.

• Create production reports on a daily basis.