Production Worker Resume Example

Updated on: August 13, 2021
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If you write your Production Worker resume according to the prospective employer’s needs, you cannot possibly fail this very important step in the job application process.

Good resumes are ones that are complete from all aspects. When you write an incomplete resume, you risk making an employer feel that you did not pay attention to the process.

To look through an example, here is a resume sample for a production worker position:

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Sample Resume for Production Worker Position

Terry Edwards
972 Orchard Avenue, Felton, DE 56412
(000) 154-4744
terryed @ email . com


Results-oriented Production Worker with extensive experience in producing, assembling, inspecting, testing, and shipping products within a production unit. Proficient in meeting set quotas and deadlines, with special ability to handle production problems and discrepancies.

• Assembly Line Management
• Equipment Operation
• Inventory Management
• Packing and Labeling
• Preventative Maintenance
• Malfunction Handling
• Production Cycle
• Workplace Safety
• Material Storage
• Gauge Management

• Singlehandedly managed to produce a rush job involving the production of 5800 extra items, within the stipulated time provided.
• Held 13 educational workshops to educate newly hired production workers.
• Reorganized the inventory management system, resulting in a 45% increase in in-house storage.
• Devised a novel waste disposal system, making it safer to dispose of production waste in a safe manner.


Production Worker
ISCO Industries, Felton, DE
• Set up production equipment at the beginning of each shift to suit the type of production process to be managed.
• Calibrate production equipment to ensure appropriate production processes.
• Measure and mix ingredients and put them into production equipment for processing purposes.
• Clean and maintaining measuring instruments and equipment and ensure that any mechanical problems are timely sorted out.
• Document nonconformance and dispositions by using set quality control methods.
• Assemble goods on the production line and ensure that products are finished according to set protocols.
• Separate different items and ensure that they are loaded into the production equipment in the appropriate sequence.
• Pack and label end product according to company protocols and ensure that it is stored properly.
• Perform preventative maintenance on production equipment and tools.

Production Labor
Armstrong Flooring, Felton, DE
• Cleaned and maintained production equipment at the end of each shift.
• Assisted in calibrating production equipment at the beginning of each shift.
• Set valves and gauges to meet production specifications and operated production line equipment such as conveyor lines.
• Assisted in mixing and pouring raw materials into production equipment by following set instructions.
• Packed and labeled end product to make it shipment-ready and ensured that it was properly stored in designated storage areas.

Harrison High School, Felton, DE – 2006