2 Development Associate Resume Samples

Updated on: August 11, 2021

Development associates work in a support role to provide assistance to a development director within a company.

Their primary job is to ensure that all work is managed smoothly as they maintain specialized databases and perform other development-related administrative activities.

How to Write an Excellent Resume for Development Associate Position?

If you build a development associate resume that is based on different relevant sections, then it will be easier for the employer to look directly at the required information.

So break your resume using bullet points under different sections.

Here are 2 sample resumes:

Development Associate Resume Page Image

Development Associate Resume Sample 1

Barry Cole
6 Megan Street, Chandler, AZ 23251
(000) 854-1201
bcole @ email . com


• 11+ years’ experience in identifying funding sources, handling donor cultivation, and establishing timelines for successful development of specific funding proposals
• Highly skilled in building ongoing relationships with program officers to handle issues in targeted fundraising initiatives
• Qualified to establish timelines and work distribution for successful development of specific funding proposals
• Exceptionally well-versed in developing strategic fundraising activities incorporating targeted funders and timelines
• Effectively facilitates the development of relationships with funders through outreach programs
• Special talent for overseeing and coordinating effective reporting activities and oversight of timely deliverables


• Timelines Establishment• Budget Handling
• Materials Development• Outreach Programs
• Corporate Giving• Social Media
• Email Marketing• Opportunity Identification


Development Associate
Wipfli, Chandler, AZ
(6/2018 – Present)
Key Achievements
• Obtained 76% of the required funding for a large development project from one source, through extensive outreach work.
• Maintained liaison with 32 funders internationally, the biggest portfolio anyone has had in the company to date.
Key Responsibilities
• Perform research to discover potential funders for specific program initiatives.
• Develop strategic funding strategies that incorporate targeted funders and timelines.
• Facilitate relationship development with funders through presentations and seminars.
• Establish achievable deadlines and assist in the development of funding proposals.

Development Associate
AA Company, Chandler, AZ
(1/2011 – 6/2018)
Key Achievements
• Coordinated the logistics of a large outreach program, comprising 85 participants, which was deemed highly successful.
• Developed a great variety of fundraising materials, based on which most outreach programs are created now.
Key Responsibilities
• Oversaw budget development activities and track funding awards.
• Provided effective tools and resources for the advancement of each assigned project.
• Maintained grant schedules and persuasively communicate the organization’s mission and programs to funders.
• Developed and implement strategies to handle event management activities such as outreach programs and fundraising activities.

Development Intern
WWF, Chandler, AZ
(2/2010 – 1/2011)
Key Responsibilities
• Researched avenues to discover potential donors and contacted them to pitch the company’s mission.
• Assembled information and materials for grant proposals and reports.
• Crafted language for gift acknowledgments and email solicitations.
• Coordinated efforts to organize events such as fundraisers and outreach programs.
• Assisted in drafting proposals and provided, tracking funds, and reporting timelines.

Chandler College, Chandler, AZ – 2009
Bachelor’s Degree in Communications

Development Associate Resume Sample 2

Nina Nathanial
1022 Parker Road, Brookline, NH 53433
(999) 999-9009, Email

 Development Associate

• Extremely motivated development associate with 5+ years’ dedicated development work in a non-profit organization
• Highly skilled in implementing grant management programs to determine interests
• Ability to cultivate, solicit and identify benefactors
• Hands-on experience in managing fundraising activities and event management

• Acquired the total amount of grant proposed for the year 2020 for benefactor benefit.
• Formulated and implemented development strategies to manage fundraising activities.


Development Associate
LEAD USA – Brookline, NH                 
• Assist in researching opportunities for grant acquisition
• Draft grant proposals and maintain grant proposals
• Maintain corporate and individual donor files
• Handle administrative details
• Prepare media materials and donor kits
• Assist with management of annual budget expenses and revenue data

Development Assistant
MDRC, New York, NY               
• Provided general support for the core operations of the office
• Supported project launch
• Coordinated and researched for new projects
• Supported external communications and activities with funders
• Created profiles of prospective funders
• Developed presentation materials
• Generated funder acknowledgments
• Coordinated and assisted with the production of proposals
• Handled the development database to maintain the files and systems
• Supported projects in external affairs

Master of Business Administration
Brookline University – Brookline, NH – 2015

• Outstanding analytic and problem-solving skills
• Excellent client orientation and communication skills
• Strong presentation skills
• Exceptional organizational skills